How To Choose The Best Life Size Sex Doll

Life Size Sex Doll

Lifesize sex dolls, everyone is now taking of these fascinating sex-machine designs, what are they? A full-size sex doll features all the limbs and body sections, as simple as that. The recent sex doll market celebrates its numerous life-size sex dolls that are now available to all. The spilt in these various models mostly bases on functionality and appearance.

All life-size sex dolls mimic the typical height of humans and in this way there exist the tall, medium size and the short.  For the life-size, our reference is on sex dolls of heights of 150cm and above. We all have a different sexual interest serving as a key idea behind this comprehensive selection.

When talking of life-size sex doll that is always just a significant branch, the twigs and the leaves are quite numerous and contain various designs basing on functionality and more so appearance. This alignment, therefore, has the Big Body Woman dolls, the anime types, and curvy sex dolls, flat-chested and more. Choosing among and between these options can be challenging unless with quality tips as of the ones below.

Material Factor; TPE Or Silicone

Each of these materials; either TPE or silicone, remains quite ideal in the sex doll making. Despite their differences, they both produce high-quality sex dolls with realistic appearance and feel of touch.  All the way, silicone tends to be on top based on the fantastic chemical nature of its existence.

For those who may have wanted to buy sexy TPE doll earlier, do not feel discouraged. However, being of lower quality, TPE also produces highly functional sex dolls coming with lots of realistic features.

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Body Size; Weight

Sex doll body weight is on crucial factor worth considering in this selection. Sex doll weight determines more how the doll is going to perform. Not all of us, though, might like slender sex partners same as the primary types. All of these so much depends on what an individual prefers.

BBW sex dolls are the heaviest and come with their advantages for which people love them. They are chubby, and every part of their sex body can be wobbling, thus increasing sexual vibe to interested parties. Also, such dolls tend to come with the big breast which some of us dearly loves.

Lightweight sex dolls, on the other hand, are the easiest to handle in varied sex angles of play. They are the slender types and as well as feature their more added advantages. While some of us will be yearning for them, others will be looking for the BBW types or the mid-body sizes. The bottom line is that our selections based on weight must always adhere to what we consider best for a love partner.

Vagina Type

All life-size sex dolls come with either fixed or replaceable vagina. When making a purchase, this is one crucial aspect to consider regarding any doll we should consider for purchase. In a more recommendable way, the fixed vagina is best for slender dolls. The reason for this attaches to the mode of cleaning. Carrying lightweight sex dolls to the bathing room is much easier than when it is a BBW. All these choices are for better convenience. All-in-all, the choice will depend on what each one of us considers more convenient.

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A replaceable vagina offers quick washing allowance. What to do with is simple, remove, wash and fix it back. This design saves time and energy.

Space Consideration

Life-size sex dolls can be as tall as 180cm. It means; therefore, space consideration will be essential. Operating with such tall dolls in squeezed environments can be highly inconveniencing. A life-size sex doll always requires an ambient space where position changing can be an easy operation with them.

Further space issue can be on storage. When buying a sex doll, it is always crucial to ensure that our space will accommodate their sizes. Such areas could be closet, under the bed, storeroom and so on.

Skin Complexion

We need not be racist to select on skin complexion for the sex dolls we purchase. The fact is, we all have our preferences when it comes to the partners we might want to choose. Within the sex doll categorization there are these three options;

  • The blonde: These are the light-skinned sex dolls. They come with silver to gold hair designs, sometimes yellow or red hair and white, fair skin.
  • Black/ African: Black sex dolls mimic African’s skin complexion. Sometimes, it may not be the coal dark colour but chocolate brown, which also remains sexy attractive.
  • African-American: This complexion represents sex dolls with neither fair nor black skin. They represent cross-breed between Africans and Whites.

The best life size sex doll comes with the skin complexion we want. Do chose that which goes with your respective sexual comforts.


Because of the different designs, the sex doll offers varied prices in existence. The high-end models sell at higher rates than the less developed models. Another contributor to sales rate variance is retailer price. Different suppliers tend to set their prices based on the factors relating to their business operations.

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How much we spend sex doll purchase should always be within our budget. The much we spend should however match how much the dolls are ready to offer us in terms of quality service/ functionality.

Last Thoughts

There could be lots of considerations when it comes to choosing sex dolls of any kind. The life-size sex doll, in particular, are pretty much no different from the rest of the models except for few considerations. Quality life size sex dolls are various types. Through the other descriptions, each grouping and subgrouping has defined capabilities and so prices. Best choices ever depend on the above-discussed features.  

Note: Life size sex doll is customizable. We can always find the exact dishes we need by placing a direct request to the suppliers. Through this, we can as well obtain the celebrity dolls we want.

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