10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

Christma sex toys

Do you like ‘playing’ with yourself? Well, this festive season, you need to grab something new and more excellent to enhance that adorable feeling you always never want to let go. Sex toys have long been in our midst, and even today, more are being introduced in the market to seal the sexual cravings different individuals may have.

In this article, what we have done is to make your work simple. For those looking for quality sex toys to use this Christmas season, we got a great suggestion you need. Our analysis purely bases on;

1: user efficiency: The best sex toys are always those that are user friendly. Such toys produce faint noise that may not be heard by neighbors or other house members.

2: Price: We understand the economy does not favor every one of us. Thus, we will only consider those sex toy types that sell at more considerable prices in our selection below.

3: Flexibility: The flexibility level of sex toy measures from its ability to simultaneously trigger multiple pleasures. These are models that act on both the clitoris, g-spot, and many more pleasure sensitive areas.

4: Material: The most reliable material for sex toys are either TPE or Silicone. In some cases, however, both may apply.

So, what are these top Christmas-themed sex toys? See our top ten listings below.

Double Shock Prostate Vibrator

Our double shock prostrate vibrator is a male-female sex toy that is quite ideal in this selection—first, it’s about its simplicity. The device is lightweight (0.127 kg) and can small enough to fit in small purses and pockets. Secondly is its multipurpose usage.

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Besides being unisex usable, the double vibrator touches on the clitoris and g-spot, all at the same time influencing such exotic pleasure the user needs. Lastly is about is silence; unlike other vibrators, the double model buzzes with only considerable noise.

Why you may need this vibrator for the Christmas holiday is because of the following distinctive features 

Double Shock Prostate Vibrator 3 560x800 - 10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys
  • Made of High-Quality ABS+ Silicone
  • 11-frequency double shock
  • 100% waterproof
  • 10 Vibration Modes & Speed Patterns
  • Total length: 215mm
  • Accessible length: 115mm
  • Maximum Diameter: 35mm
  • Color: Purple / Pink

Amorous Prince G-Spot Vibrators

 The second option in this listing is the Amorous Prince vibrator. Despite being named G-spot, it induces pleasures on the clitoris due to its creative design. Being an ideal model to go by during this festive season, the vibrator comes with the following top supporting features.

Amorous Prince B Vibrator 3 560x800 - 10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys
  • Silent vibration
  • User-friendly operation mode
  • Waterproof, meaning it is usable also in the bathroom
  • Lightweight (0.165 kg) hence highly portable to a place far from home

Amorous vibrator distinctively suites the festive season for its multipurpose use and fair price rates. When traveling, you need not carry many single-purpose toys at a go but only one.

Nieman Anal vibrators

Nieman is silicon made vibrator mostly meant for vagina and anus pleasures. If neither Amorous nor double shock is giving enough, the next best alternative worth trying could be Nieman. It exhibits a unique design, two long extending arms of realistic touch.

GIGI Vibrators For Women 8 560x800 - 10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

Key Features

  • Made of High-Quality Silicone
  • realistic texture: Soft to touch and smooth to feel
  • Easy to clean and store after use!
  • 36 Possible Vibration Modes
  • 15 Sensual Speed Patterns
  • Simultaneous G-spot & Clitoral Orgasm
  • Completely Latex, Phthalate, & Toxin Free
  • 2 Energetic Motors for Tons of Pulsating Power
  • 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable
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A key reason why Nieman is an ideal alternative is its multipurpose usage and lightweight for easy transportation.

Romantic Journey-Rechargeable Vibrators

Every Christmas celebration calls for traveling, visiting friends and family, or even love partners. If one is to engage in all these, then the most convenient sex toys would be appropriate for these missions. The romantic journey-rechargeable vibrator is a clit-vaginal vibrator that shows incredible heights of user convenience.

xlovedoll 6 560x800 - 10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

Besides its lightweight, silent vibration, and fair price, this tool is sufficient for its rechargeable capacity. It’s ten frequency USB charging system allows for extended time power retainment for convenient use.

Suck Stick Realistic Vibrators

The suck stick vibrator is a dual functioning system meant to generate an absolute sexual feeling. It is one of the unique simple designs whose impacts are always highly effective. Its functioning involves both sucking and blowing over a 7-frequency mode.

Niches G Spot Vibrator 6 561x800 - 10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

Other definitive features it has included;

  • Material: High-Quality Silicone
  • Boasts 12 Sultry Vibration Levels
  • Quiet Motor
  • Waterproof for Wet Fun
  • Total length: 190MM
  • Maximum diameter: 75MM
  • Weight: 0.26 kg
  • Color: Bright pink

Its convenient size, silent operation mode, and fair price make this toy an excellent choice for anyone planning a sexy Christmas celebration.

Cola Male Masturbators

Cola Male masturbator is essentially a pocket vagina. It is a reasonably cylindrical structure designed with a quality grip for its user. For its lightweight, realistic feel and user comfort existence, Cola qualify as one of the best choices for Christmas-themed toys.

Cola Male Masturbators 7 - 10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

Key features

  • Weight: 0.17kg | 0.38lbs
  • Diameter: 65mm | 2.56inch
  • Height: 125mm | 4.92inch
  • Color: Complexion / pink

Cola does not need lots of space for usage – any room as small as a toilet is always enough. It means; therefore, one can use it privately without anyone noticing.

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Jelly Male Masturbators

Jelly is a fantasy male masturbator that comes with a unique color design. Still, the toy features a realistic opening in the formation of a lifelike vagina. An added feature it has is a closing lid that prevents any entrance of dust and pathogens.

Jelly Male Masturbators 6 - 10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

Key features

  • Material: ABS+TPE
  • Weight: 280g | 0.62lbs
  • Size: 78x78x180cm
  • Color: Transparent white, blue powder

Most people travel on the Christmas holidays. Therefore, on these occasions, a more convenient and safe sex toy like Jelly will always be a great choice to consider.

USB Charging Masturbators

For those interested in something fancy and high-tech, this USB charging masturbator is an absolute choice to go-by. The toy is a reasonably cylindrical structure featuring a realistic pussy and a covering lid. The ‘wow’ factor in this model is its self-mounting ability.

USB Charging Male Masturbators 5 - 10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

Key features

  • Features: Hands-free, dual-hole, vibration, USB charging, ten frequency
  • Total Length:26cm
  • Length:18.8cm
  • Inside Length:14cm
  • Weight: 400g

This USB charging device always grants a super-end experience to all its users. It remains quite convenient for those who use it in cars, bedrooms, and any other place.

Bowling Male Masturbator

Bowling offers similar pleasures as of anus and vagina. The toy features a relatively cylindrical design with a grip-enhancing shape. Its internal section poses as a stunted wall causing a realistic feel to the user. Bowling comes at somewhat manageable price rates, which blends well with most people’s current financial strains.

Bowling Male Masturbator Toys 5 - 10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

Key Features

  • Weight: 0.1kg | 0.22lbs
  • Diameter: 7mm | 0.28inch
  • Height: 145mm | 5.71inch
  • Color: Complexion / pink

Monroe Aircraft male masturbation

Another great version of a Christmas-themed sex toy is the Monroe model. The difference with it is its unique capability to act like a pussy and anus simultaneously. Monroe is a lightweight sex toy coming with a unique covering lid to prevent dust, water, and pathogens. Owing to its fair price and user convenience, most people would prefer it as the next solution.

Monroe Aircraft Male Masturbator 6 - 10 Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

Key Features

  • Material: TPR
  • Diameter: 75mm | 2.95inch
  • Height: 200mm | 7.88inch
  • Weight: 0.306kg | 0.62lbs
  • Color: Purple

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