If You Read One Article About Small Sex Dolls Read this One

Small Sex Dolls

What Is A Small Sex Doll

A small sex doll is a specific model within the wide sex doll’s classification consisting of tiny dolls of height between 100cm to 140cm. Other descriptive terms for such models are tiny, miniature, or mini sex dolls. They are quite a variety of small sex dolls based on material make, appearance, and even technological installations in them.

In this small sex doll buyer guider 2020 article, we will shade more light on what these dolls are, their various sub-categories, and why you need them. To begin with, let’s introduce some multiple types of small sex dolls. The description in each contains all the features you need to learn about your best choice model.

Small Sex doll - If You Read One Article About Small Sex Dolls Read this One

Top-Selling Small Sex Doll

If you are looking for the most popular small sex dolls, here are some of 69realdoll collection with top priority in the market. Each of the following categories come with the most erotic features to unsettle your nether.

Small Breast Sex Doll

Do you mind small breast sizes? If you do, then here is an excellent opportunity for you who fantasizes about little adult dolls. The Small breast sex doll is an up-for grab sub-category for those who have an undying lust on soft, tiny, and sexy pointed breasts. A fact you must note, however, is that the small size here remains relative. Though generally appearing small, they vary in exact sizes from one doll to the next. Thus, you will always have the AA’s, which are the most miniature and B cups, which are a bit larger for their bra sizes.

Furthermore, under this collection, there is fur more classification based on material type, body curves, and general appearance. Belinda, for instance, is a 107cm AA Cup Small Japanese Sex doll with small breasts, hips, and even butts.  Many others in her category exist as well, from which you can pick your best.

Small Anime Sex Doll

Within the anime sex doll category, there is the small anime sex doll sub-category mainly defined by the small size dolls. As per the description of this guide, these are dolls with heights, not more than 140cm, and neither lower than 100cm. Like the full-size models, the small anime sex dolls come with anime features like elf ears, varied hair color, big eyes, and so on.

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Not forgetting their purpose for existence, these dolls also come with realistic orifices for ultimate sexual pleasure. Mouth, anus, and vagina, all of these are well-accommodating for any user. Further selection basis will now depend on other sexual fantasy features you prefer. These would include breast sizes, ass, hips, muscles, race, and general appearance.

The 132cm AA cup Muriel is one of the best small anime sex dolls you can consider. She is blonde, with high-quality TPE skin. Her looks are amazingly awesome, and she never chooses the man to be with.

Small Silicone Sex Doll

The small silicone sex doll is another prime category to look out for when making your best selections. The most attractive feature here is the skin type. Silicone is high-quality material in sex dolls’ production. Its longevity, ease of cleaning, and stain resistance qualities makes it highly valuable for this purpose. The most realistic small silicone sex doll in this category come with a smooth and soft skin also to add on its overall ultimate performance.

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A small silicone sex doll is never a single model, but many. The definition of the rest depends on their exact physical design and so appearance. Thus, the ebony, blonde, muscular, anime, Japanese, American, and many other dolls are within this classification.

Small Sex Dolls For Sale

Often, when looking for small sex dolls for sale, many options come to mind. Majorly is about what exact type you want then follows how much the dolls go for. The ordinary rates for small sex dolls, however, are never extravagant unless you need one with sophisticated technologies.

One key rule while looking for the small size sex dolls or any other is trading with a reliable supplier. They will always have the best models carrying the certification by various overseeing bodies. Also, their products are of high quality coming from top manufacturing companies.

For time worth consideration, the 69realdoll has been at the top for being one of the best sex doll suppliers. They rely on quality products, fair rates, free shipping, and ultimate support on their products.

Why You Should Buy A Small Sex Doll

For specific yet essential reasons, purchasing a small sex doll is of great worth. Many different models exist under this selection, and each favors particular user preferences. Though the significant intention for buying them is for sexual engagement, there is a lot more beyond that. See the reasons below.

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Generally Cheap

Full-size sex dolls usually come at higher rates compared to their small counterpart dolls. The relativity of cheapness here means affordable. Each model in the small size group comes with different price rates depending on the material of make, appearance, and installed technology. For instance, a small silicone sex doll will sell much higher than a TPE type.


For some sex doll buyers, the portability factor counts a lot in their selections. Small sex dolls often weigh less, averagely 20Kgs, and are of limited height, not too tall. These features, therefore, contribute to their overall high portability. Hence, they are quite convenient for those with limited storage or would like to carry their dolls along to their trips.

Sex Position Convenience

Because of the high portability level of the small sex dolls, it is easier to use them in varied sex positions. This is especially worthwhile if you are practicing in a new style. The life-size or real human being might not be convenient enough. With small sex dolls, however, it is easy to shift them from one position to the next in your explosions.


Small sex dolls are short, light, but sweet lovemaking robots you can use instead of the full size. Their design equally combines all those erotic features to turn you on only by a mere sight of one. Any selection you make, however, remains cautious of quality. A high-end model should and will serve you long and more conveniently.

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