America Sex Dolls

An America Sex doll is a copy and paste look-alike love robot of real Americans. For their purpose, they come with features that create the most erotic experience you fancy.  Their physical beauty entails pretty long and sharp nose for some, sexy curves, big/ small tits, huge ass, and a lot more. Each of these sexy sex doll designs available comes either in silicone or TPE material make.

Black Sex Dolls

Black sex dolls are no exception when it comes to granting uttermost sexual experiences. Through their characteristic erotic features, quality designed black sex dolls will always keep your nether unrest.The main attractive feature for black sex dolls is never the complexion alone but a lot more features. Female ones come with all the desirable orifices, which include the vagina, mouth, and anus. A black male sex doll also exhibits decent African appearance with a six-pack on the belly, real like a penis, and a lot more defining its gender.

Anime Sex Doll

Anime sex dolls series also come in various customized designs among which you can always choose. These variations consist of sorts of sex doll types like the big booty sex dolls, the blonde, huge ass, ebony among many others. More lucratively, there is always an option for more customization. For any special request on this, you can contact your supplier while making your order.

About 69RealDoll

Welcome to 69Realdoll, we are China’s largest agent when it comes to quality sex dolls’ supplies. We deal in a full range of sex tools from full-size sex dolls to torsos and even to sex toys. Our complete product range on these includes more specific models defined by shape, size, race, material, and use. All these are always available for wholesale supply are as well.

Our product source is China’s top manufacturing companies based in the Pear River Delta Region.

We offer FREE discrete shipping to any part of the world through FedEx, UPS, or DHL, which are equally highly reliable. For payments, we rely on a data encryption strategy that keeps all your payment details highly confidential.

We work on a 24/7 basis fulfilling all your requests whenever they come. You can reach us for other special offers like sex doll customization. Our support team will help you with every aspect of it. Reach us today and experience the excellent shopping experience we have for you.

Why Buy Sex Dolls From Us

High Quality
  • All our realistic sex dolls are either from TPE or Silicone medical grade material.
  • The internal components of our sex dolls compose of a highly durable stainless steel skeleton. They have fixed joints to permit easy manipulation for varied sex positions.
  • 69Realdoll is China’s largest distributor dealing in extensively tested and verified sex dolls for use.
Most Realistic
  • All our realistic sex dolls undergo quality designing/molding by professional artists.
  • Our lifelike sex dolls come with soft and smooth skin with an exact resemblance to that of humans
  • All our sex robots and tools come with Extremely realistic orifices for ultimate sexual pleasure.
Great Support
  • We offer a discrete free worldwide shipping strategy involving packaging and product tracking.
  • You can reach us for special request on sex dolls’ customization
  • We operate on a 24/7 basis, answering to all your request and delivering on your orders when they come.

A sex doll is a solid sex toy type designed in the shape, size and general appearance of a sexual partner for help with masturbation. Other reliable sources like Wikipedia refers to it as a love doll or adult doll. A sex doll comes in multiple models consisting of those with full-body sections and those that do not.  A partial body sex dolls, in this case, are the torsos. They consist of dolls with only upper or lower body sections from the waist. However, both the full size and the torsos come with accessories, the anus, penis, vagina and mouth for sexual stimulation and engagement.

The 69realdoll collection consists of both male and female sex dolls. The models here vary from material type to shape, design, race and general appearances. Under material terms, we have the TPE and silicone sex dolls. A male sex doll will have the muscles and the build-up body while a female one, sexy curves and erotic accessories. The latest design available is the AI dolls. They exhibit more of anthropomorphic feature characteristics. These dolls can warm, move, vibrate in some sections and maintain a precise conversation.

Our sex dolls are highly customizable. This allowance enables you to have the exact sex doll design you want – even that which resemble a celebrity. We will help you change the eyes, orifices, hair type or colour, nipple type and so on. You should not confuse our lovely dolls with the blow-up/ inflatable types. What we have are solid sex dolls with the most realistic touch and physical appearance.

Before you could have that beautiful or handsome sexy doll, it undergoes lots of mandatory manufacturing procedures. Here below is a complete step-by-step procedure of the entire process.

  1. First, is to mix a variety of chemicals and powder materials before pouring them into a dummy framework with the shape of a sex doll. The resulting sex doll parts from this process will then be assembled and fixed together by the makers. These parts include the accessories which are, face, legs, hands, and torsos.
  2. Next process concern the skeleton making. Sex dolls use handcrafted steel skeleton with joints. Some cases also involve the PVC or light metal forming part of it. The joint’s crafting procedures ensure they remain movable and highly flexible to enable easy positioning of the sex doll.
  3. Once the liquid mixture has cooled, the resulting sex doll is removed from the framework. From here, the handcrafting process begins. The manufacturers in charge will now do the fixings and assembling of parts.
  4. From the moulding process, the sex doll undergoes cleaning procedure involves adding in a smooth finish and high-gloss.
  5. Next is the inspection. This process involves the removal of all the rough edges, ensuring it is all smooth. Once this is done, cleaning follows to remove any unwanted particles.
  6. The last procedure is adding the orifices, the vagina, penis and anus after their thorough clean up. Now the sex doll will be ready for packaging and use as well.

Different manufactures might have their particular way of going all through these. However, the very standard they will follow is always this

The usage of a sex doll mainly revolves around its purpose for sex. Below are some of the various procedures on how a sex doll works.

Lubricating you doll

Lubrication of orifices is important for smooth, satisfying sex. For sex dolls, there are so many lubricants recommended for this purpose. However, the very best ones are the water-based types. These may not cause any damage results on your dolls. You can try a variety to find your most suiting one.

Foreplay practices with your doll

To initiate your sexual moods, you can play all the foreplay games at your sex doll. You can kiss, hug, or erotically touch them.  A realistic sex doll comes with a realistic touch, a mouth that can open and have tongue and teeth, and lifelike genitals. Those meant to give hyper-realistic experience come with sexy body curves, temperature and sound technology, among many other features.

Sex with a real Sex doll

A full-size sex doll offers you all sex types you need, from blow jobs, anal and vaginal sex. For female sex dolls, these orifices are deep, and all are accommodating. Men dolls, on the other hand, come with an erect 7-in penis or thereabout with realistic feel and appearance. However, on this, it is important to note that some dolls do have replaceable or interchangeable genitals. This is even more advantageous for the trans-sexuals. They can change their male sex dolls to be female and enjoy their sessions with them.

Sex with a sex doll can equally be satisfying if you have dolls of your better choice. Those with features you most prefer.

Sex with a sex doll is delightful and fulfilling. The secret is getting the best doll bearing the erotic features you fantasize about. These could be huge or small tits, big ass, curvy and muscular body among many others. Sex doll offers all sex types, oral, vaginal or anal. Within this, they allow various sex positioning for your maximum satisfaction.

Oral sex

Do you like blow jobs? Your beautiful sex doll is always up for it. All realistic sex dolls come with a lifelike mouth which can open and have tongue and teeth. The area inside up to the throat is a well accommodating of any penis getting in and mouth wanting to kiss.

Vaginal sex

Vaginal sex is the most common, not even in adult dolls only but humans as well. Sex dolls through their realistic vagina, imitate the sexual pleasure a real vagina gives. In high-end models, the vagina normally vibrates, thus enhancing the sexual satisfaction you get. Others which do not equally do just fine with proper lubrication.

Anal sex

A sex doll will give you a tight but elastic anus for a sexual play. Deep as they are, they fit every manhood getting in. Those who like playing the area with their tongue, these dolls offers unlimited access in the way that you like it most. Both male and female dolls can offer this sex type in the most fulfilling way. In most cases, it would feel like you are engaging a real human. The anatomical structure of the area is much similar to that of a real human. Anal sex is never as common as vaginal sex; however, it is what some people dearly crave for.

The price of a sex doll is a subject to various consideration about model and suppliers. If you are shopping for one, the amount you will spend should direct you to the best sex doll you need. The following description explains the price ranges for various dolls that you can use while making your choices.

  • $100 – $600: Most small sex dolls falls in this category. The small sex dolls also referred to as tiny or miniature sex dolls come with a height of between 60cm to 65cm. Their average weight is 20Kgs, thus are highly portable. Because of their low price range, they mostly fall in the cheap sex doll category.
  • $800 – $900: This price range consists of TPE sex dolls with relatively small heights, between 100cm and 125cm. These dolls come with a more realistic appearance better than the miniature dolls. They feature crafted accessories for vaginal, anal and oral usage.
  • $1,000 – $2,000: Within this price range, we have life-size and lifelike sex dolls with a more realistic appearance. They share the same height as real humans and come with body features like curves, complexion, and pubic hair like real humans. It is here you will find the big ass sex dolls, the broad tit types and many other inclusive models.
  • Above $2,000: The best silicone sex doll lies within this range along with the most realistic TPE types. It is here you will find the artificially intelligent sex dolls the robot types and all other best varieties.

69realdoll has a full collection of all sex doll models under these various selections. You can check in here to see the most recent ones in the market.

The global market has no shortage of places and avenues through which you can buy any of your best sex dolls. The only issue of concern relates to who the supplier is, their conditions plus the quality of products they offer. Besides, the makers of the sex doll model also matter. Highly reputed manufactures will always provide high-end quality dolls.

69realdoll is one of the leading online sex doll suppliers dealing with top-class products. From full sex dolls, torsos to sex toys, we offer nothing less than quality. Our collection is an assort of all sex doll types, both male and female, defined by;

  • Age: We have both the teen and middle age sex dolls
  • Race: We have Japanese sex dolls, America, Africa and a lot more
  • Model/ design: Big ass, huge tit, muscular, anime, mini and many others
  • Skin material: TPE and Silicone

In the simplest terms, 69realdoll, we are your one-stop-shop for quality items regarding sex doll, and tools. Beyond our ready for use sex dolls, we also allow customization options. Under this package, we help you design the exact doll you want. If you need it to resemble a celebrity you admire, then we will do that for you.

Our collection is all products from top-sex doll manufacturers in China. They deal in manufacturing high-quality dolls with certification from the civil authorities. Because of this, all our products, therefore, are tested and verified for use by all – no allergies. You can get your best selection today from us and start enjoying.

Cleaning your doll occurs in various ways. You may only cleanse the body, wig, or orifices. Each of these demand goes with specific procedures.

Cleaning sex doll’s body

Before beginning on any cleaning procedure here, you must take not which doll type you are dealing with, Silicone or TPE. Silicone is not water porous at least not as much as TPE. Hence cleaning it is a lot easier.

You can keep the doll in a water tab to net level and with a soft scrubber cleanse all her body. Also, an overhead shower can work for this process. However, before going into all these, it will be more convenient to have them wigless and if possible without orifices.

When dealing with TPE sex dolls, a little more caution will be needed. These dolls are a bit more porous and may easily allow water in through their skin. Bath tab bathing might not be quite recommended for it. The best cleaning method, therefore, should be flashing water and wiping clean their body.

Cleaning sex doll’s orifices           

Orifices are the most crucial parts of sex dolls that should maintain high levels of hygiene. The most recommended way to do this involves both the right equipment and tools. The use of antibacterial detergents and swab sponges are highly recommendable for this purpose. Also, remember to rinse thoroughly with warm water then use a clean towel to dry.

Cleaning wigs

Cleaning your doll’s wig works best when they are off the head. Pour some cold water in a based then squeeze a substantial amount of shampoo before you bubble it and insert your combed wig.

Next, rinse your wig thoroughly and let it dry on a stand. When dry you can now fix it back to your doll.

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