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Breaking monotony even in sex dolls is quite significant. Many sex dolls we see around are the typical human imitators – they reflect both the human character and appearance. In a conscience expression, such dolls like the anime type, superheroes, vampires, and so on, expressing fantasy are incredibly rare – hardly do you find them even on display. Ironically, these are what most sex doll fanatics lately are asking.

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What is an anime sex doll?
An anime sex doll is another sex doll category with the best choices for you. The selection harbours some of the hottest adult dolls you can have. The unique feature of this category is all about design. Unlike the typical sex doll types, they come with animalistic features that sexually attracts most. Among these are elf ears, and varied skin colours like green or blue. Some also come with big eyes, and coloured hair, each falling in various sub-categories defined by structural body appearance.
The most significant classification of an anime sex doll is either TPE or silicone. Each of these offers high-quality sex dolls with absolute erotic features. It is under this that you will find the gigantic breast types, the big ass, teen, muscular, or even the mini anime sex doll, among many others.