New Exclusive Sex Doll Design

Sex Doll Design

Breaking monotony even in sex dolls is quite significant. Many sex dolls we see around are the typical human imitators – they reflect both the human character and appearance. In a conscience expression, such dolls like the anime type, superheroes, vampires, and so on, expressing fantasy are incredibly rare – hardly do you find them even on display. Ironically, these are what most sex doll fanatics lately are asking.

As major sex doll suppliers, we regularly receive special requests such as these, and it is not like we assume. The thing is, high demand is always with the typical sex dolls available in most displays. On the other hand, that does not mean that we ignore the little market, no! So far, the anime sex dolls, which are also fantasy types, are very much accessible; at least most sex suppliers list them among their collection.

The primary goal of a sex doll provider like us always is to achieve all the client’s demands no matter what. Therefore, we try to produce the uniquely different fantasy sex dolls to fill up the gap in this accord.

Below are some of these new fantasy sex products available in the market.

Bristol 155cm F Cup Anime Love Doll

DSC02705 1200x800 - New Exclusive Sex Doll Design

it is a blue-eyed anime sex doll, highly recognizable with her significant yellow hair. She is a lifelike love doll coming with all the beauty and performance assets needed for her purpose. The preference for this doll owes to various considerations; each one of us would consider paramount. Otherwise, like the rest of the anime sex dolls, she comes with all sexual strengths of its three orifices.

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Alissa 155cm A Cup Anime Sex Doll

IMG 3527 1 1200x800 - New Exclusive Sex Doll Design

An ideal design for those like African-American women is here. Mckenna is an outstanding sex doll design of the anime kind. All her physical body mimics that of humans except for her long extending ears.

Mckenna is a typical sex doll whose purpose majorly relies on offering sexual pleasures – that she does well with her well-fitting orifices and promotes it better with the sexy curvy look she holds.

Irvette 141cm D Cup Anime Sex Doll

17 - New Exclusive Sex Doll Design

Irvette is an ideal love doll model for those who may have a limited budget. The TPE anime doll is an irresistible sexual structure many would crave. Her significant appearance appears in her big soft boobs which bounces rhythmically whenever in action. Also, her butt, she has pretty but sexy ones who hold the interest of many at ranson.

Julissa 168cm A Cup Elf Sex Doll

6 - New Exclusive Sex Doll Design

The blonde Anne is a big breast anime sex doll that can be an excellent choice for many in this selection. She poses as the queen she is wearing a crown to identify herself. Anne, like most anime sex dolls, comes with long extended ears such as the imaginary elves.

Many will find her pretty dark eyes highly attractive, and her calm nature very lovely to be considered. Her fair price is another key factor that makes perfect her choice over the rest in her selection list.

In her close resemblance to real humans, Camila is still an anime design very slight difference exist though. The TPE made love doll comes with the necessary height for being a lifelike kind. Her skin is always soft and tender on touch. She plays all sex games basing on her three sexual capabilities; anal, vaginal and oral.

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Considering Camila for love companion is often considerate as for her ultimate performance. She always gives the fantasy fulfilment needed by her user.

Syoko 156cm H Cup Fantasy Sex Doll

7 5 1200x800 - New Exclusive Sex Doll Design

Do not get scared of her sexy, significantly large eyes. Valerie, a top-notch anime sex doll is a TPE design made to resemble the unique anime characters we see and watch in movies/ film. Her sex-role bench-marks her purpose, and always she has the necessary assets for that, a curvy shape topped with big soft breasts.

The list on this selection can be quite long more so when considering the different interest. These six are only top selection basing on quality performance and price ratings.

Why Some Always Mind The New Exclusive Sex Doll Designs

We mentioned some of these ‘new exclusive sex doll designs’; anime dolls, elves, superheroes, vampires, etc. All these are fantasy sex dolls. We always watch them in films, and because some are somewhat sexy, some of us tend to think of them sexually. So now, what if there is a possibility to have them in real life?

Sex doll production is the closest to making any of these possible. Today, the production strategies in this industry have gone way up. Recent designs are more lifelike, and now the primary focus is on artificial intelligence. If this is possible, can it be any difficult for the involved companies to produce these fantasy dolls? Of cause no. However, we might agree that some designs may be tricky to design and, if so, some may be inconvenient for their usages.

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The primary reasons why some of us would dearly want the fantasy sex dolls are the following;

  • We want to associate with the superheroes we watch in films
  • Some anime characters we watch in movies and fantasize about are sexy in their structural designs. They may have significant sexual assets that are irresistible.
  • We want to be unique. Associating with uniqueness is what some of us would enjoy most. Some of these fantasy dolls feature unique appearance nature, which others find attractive in their conscious.

These among many other vital reasons entirely promote the better interest towards the fantasy love dolls. Others may as well have their well-defined ones basing on what they consider best towards their sex life.

The current market has quite a number of either sex toys or doll models you can choose: America Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTeen Sex DollsAnime Sex DollsSmall Breast Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex Dolls and so on