Anime Sex Doll Ultimate Buyer Guide

Japanese Anime Sex Dolls

What Is An Anime Sex Doll

An anime sex doll is another sex doll category with the best choices for you. The selection harbours some of the hottest adult dolls you can have. The unique feature of this category is all about design. Unlike the typical sex doll types, they come with animalistic features that sexually attracts most. Among these are elf ears, and varied skin colours like green or blue. Some also come with big eyes, and coloured hair, each falling in various sub-categories defined by structural body appearance.

The most significant classification of an anime sex doll is either TPE or silicone. Each of these offers high-quality sex dolls with absolute erotic features. It is under this that you will find the gigantic breast types, the big ass, teen, muscular, or even the mini anime sex doll, among many others.

Lots of people tend to confuse between anime sex dolls and the manga. These two are not far in meaning from each other; however, they come with a difference.

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Difference Between Manga And Anime

Before focusing on the difference, it is important to note these two originate from Japan. The term anime came from the Japanese word, animēshiyon, an English loanword from animation. English then borrowed it back and called it anime. It represented these films made from fictitious characters with the animal-human resemblance. If you are familia with Japanese hentai, a porn imitator dolls you would know it better.  

Manga has no far much definitive difference. It is another Japanese art style, however, for graphic novels and comic books. Unlike anime, it uses brighter colours and exaggerated facial features in its set up. Now you spot the difference. Anime is for TV shows and series, while manga, novels, and comic books.

Concerning sex dolls, these two never have significant differences. A few you can spot is like the elf years for anime; manga sex dolls do not have those. Precisely, the anime sex dolls will have features relating to animals, while manga will not. If anyway, they resemble real humans more.

6 Best Mini Anime Sex Doll

Are you looking for a top mini anime sex doll collection? 69realdoll has got you covered. Below are some of our top six types that will meet your sexual priorities and preferences. They each come with unique yet highly erotic features to offer you ultimate sexual satisfaction. Read through their detailed description to find your most preferred type.

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Camila 150cm D Cup Anime Love Doll

Do not underestimate her for her shortness. Robbie is a sex queen in her category with blue eyes and smooth sexy skin. The TPE mini anime sex doll is an excellent model featuring a steel skeleton supporting her structure within which there are highly flexible joints. Hence, to whichever sex position you want to set her, she will be more than willing to allow it.

Like the full-size sex doll, Robbie comes with an AA cup size of her breast and three well-accomodating orifices. With only a height of 63cm and 2.5kg weight, she remains highly portable even for travels and only takes limited storage space.

Bristol 155cm F Cup Anime Love Doll

Fleta, her innocent look will always draw you closer. With only a height of 65cm, this sexy sex doll comes with highly erotic features to keep your nether unsettled. First, it’s about her Premium grade TPE skin material – it gives her all the smoothness and softness you expect. Her three orifices, mouth, vagina, and anus, well accommodates anyone exploring her dirty bed games.

Holding her up is a steel skeleton featuring flexible joints. Thus, she can always give you all the positions you like an opportunity to explore more. 69realdoll offers more customization on her if you so wish.

Beatvy 156cm B Cup Fantasy Love doll

If you can not go for either Robbie or Fleta, then Bernice is here for you. Her big boobs are highly welcoming for anyone who likes playing with them. She comes with a well-toned skin type made from a premium grade TPE material.  Beneath that is a steel skeleton featuring flexible joints to help in her positioning.

Bernice is one of the realistic mini anime sex dolls you can take advantage of as for their high portability. Hence, you can be carrying it along on your trips and tours. She only needs limited storage space, after all.

Deven 165cm F Cup Living Sex Doll

Her pretty blue eyes, sexy body curve and general facial beauty, is unmeasurable. For those who like the mini anime sex doll types, Claire is one of the top choices to explore. From vaginal sex, to blow jobs and even anal play, she is a pro. Her skin is a premium TPE material giving her the smoothness and softness she has.

Like most dolls in her category, she comes with a steel skeleton to hold her up and flexible joints to help position her. She could be the next option you want to explore.

Doreen 145cm C Cup Small Sex Doll

Phoe is another must-have mini anime sex doll. The TPE doll offers the best when it comes to sexual explosion owing to her all-sexy features. Beginning with is her smooth, tender skin that feels good on touch. Her A-cup breasts fit her small size quite well. She is a better blow job player and loves both anal and vaginal sex too.

Due to her steel skeleton joins, she gets on various sex position that drives fast your orgasm. She is one model open for customization options. You can change her eye and hair colour, vagina type, and feet. Vagina can either be replaceable or not and feet, standing or natural.

Gwenry 148cm C Cup Anime Sex Doll

Nico, she is a little taller, 88cm but still among the sexiest mini anime sex dolls available. She is a TPE doll coming with all the three orifices, anus, mouth and vagina. She has an internal steel skeleton supporting her and movable joint within to help in her positioning.

The A-cup doll is a tiny model, but with all the sexy curves you want. Her size eight design is beautiful to have on your premises.

Why Are Anime Sex Dolls So Popular

The popularity of anime sex doll comes from various aspects of sexual preference. Not everyone likes the typical model but at least something unique yet of great interest. For a better explanation, we might want to dig into the history of amine films. In America, they were never popular until the 1990’s when Sailor Moon and DBZ gained acceptance in American mainstreams. Many saw it was different from Western animation. It looked more dangerous and exciting, and that engrossed more people to it.

When people watched the anime and hentai, which is animated pornography, they admired the characters. It is then from these anime and hentai fantasies that more people drew much interest to amine sex dolls. Otherwise, there are other supporting reasons as the following.

You Can Escape From Reality

A world of fantasy is where some people would want to explore if not to live forever. The anime and hentai bring us the admiration and thrill to discover more on anime sex doll pleasures.

The Doll Can Be Your Favourite Character

Almost all anime sex dolls allow customization options. Therefore it is quite possible to make a specialized order of a design resembling a real character they see. These could be a celebrity, ex-lover, or anyone else in your list of admired persons.

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Speciality In Their Physical Appearances

Eating the same meal offered in the same manner can be quite dull. Anime sex doll offers those sex holics and everyone else an opportunity to explore more on their sexuality with dolls. The anime sex doll category consists of dolls designed with unique appearances but sexy still.

Anime Silicone Sex Doll For Sales

For those who may not prefer the TPE models for anime doll, there are lots of silicone alternatives. An anime silicone sex doll equally comes with quality sexy features for all who love them. Their division composes of varied models defined by shape, race, and even size. Anime silicone sex doll for sales are therefore available as mini-dolls, big ass, blonde, muscular, and more. Sometimes there are those with all these features integrated.

The Benefits Of Owning An Anime Sex Doll

A reason for you to buy an anime sex doll rests on many other varied factors you consider. However, many buyers of this category focus on design. Some of the design features these dolls have to interest their fanatics; thus, they go ahead and buy them. But what benefits do they get from them? Here below are some.

Sexual Fulfillment – You Can Make Your Wildest Fantasies Come True

If you have always fantasied about having sex with anime dolls, then the satisfaction will come to you. The fulfillment could be much better if you get that sexiest and realistic model of your choice.

Excellent Feeling

All anime sex dolls, TPE or silicone, come with smooth and soft skin in addition to general sexy appearance. Like the typical models, they can perform all the sexual plays involving vagina, anus, and mouth. Those who may have a passion for their unusual appearance feel the great desire in interacting with them sexually.

Unlimited Sexual Explosion

Like other adult dolls, anime does not limit your time with them. Male or female, they will offer you enough chance to play sex all you want, every time you feel. With their high flexibility, they allow all bending and twisting to achieve the best sex position for you. Like machines, they never tire.

Anime Sex Doll Boost Your Sexual Ego

Lots of amateurs shy from fully exploring the sexual use of sex dolls. But this only comes in the introduction stages. Soon into its prolonged use, they begin developing sexual ego, that which makes them even more of pros. Because of this impact, these dolls create, they stand out as better practice platform for low sexual performers.

Now that you have full information on anime sex dolls, it is your turn to make a decision whether you need one or not. Plenty of them exists coming in various models to meet your sexual preferences. 69realdoll has a whole lot of collection you may want to check out. Click Anime Love Doll to see your best anime sex doll for sale.