How To Sell And Buy Used Sex Dolls

used sex doll

Should I buy a used sex doll? Strangely or not, there is a big market out there that so many who wills purchasing second-hand sex dolls. Many of this opinion have different reasoning and evaluations; however, one of the most governing factors behind such decisions is the price. Sex dolls are generally pricy, and therefore most people would prefer second-hand versions.

One most bothering question on used sex dolls is how clean they are – always, we tend to imagine previous owners did not do enough in terms of cleanliness.  However, to eliminate the fear, let’s bring this closer to us, sex doll brothels – they are the rising sex doll industry trend. If any of us ever used the dolls therein, it means they engaged second-hand love dolls. What the operator does is ensuring proper cleaning techniques, which most sex doll owners use as well.

Used Sex Dolls May Not Actually Be Used

Not all who purchase sex dolls use them. Some will buy them now and in the next minute, decide not to use them ever. Others also will only use them once and return them to their storage boxes.

One case that most second-hand buyers are those that have been used for long enough, one, two, or more years. Always there is this imagination that such dolls are of low value, maybe full of germs that would easily affect the next user. Well, this s never the truth; proper cleaning always does the magic. A long-term used sex doll sells cheaply only because of its value depreciation, not dirt or infection.

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How To Buy A Used Sex Doll

It does not take rocket science knowledge to find and buy a sex doll. Provided we have the will and best tips round this; it is always easier to make a legit purchase and escape scams and connings. The most recommended market place for sex doll purchase is online’s buy & sell forums. They may b plenty; however, we always need to find the right one like

On such a site, there are lots of legit sellers with detailed information on their sex dolls. How much they cost, how old they are, and how far is their wear and tear experience. Here, we will have the option to select the new sex dolls which are still in their boxes – bought but never used. The sellers will always provide picture details to back-up their products’ state either on auction or resale.

The first step into this process is joining the forum via registering or creating an account. Next, we can ask any related questions on particular sex dolls we think are the best. We can always direct the sellers and agree on specifications of prices, pick-up locations, and time for more profound information. Other issues to discuss are the terms and conditions;

  • what if the product does not match the seller’s description upon arrival
  • In case some damages will occur during the shipping, who will carry the responsibility etc.,

Typical money transfer methods for these transactions are mainly Paypal and bank transfers. Though, when the buyer lives in a nearby location, cash delivery can still work.

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Such sites as can be risky; however, it is still workable with the right terms in place. Most members are legit sellers and buyers; however, this is never a guarantee – we always must remain vigilant.

How To Sell Or Resale A Sex Doll

Selling or reselling a sex doll pretty follows a similar procedure as buying. As sex dolls dealers, we recommend using legit buy & sell forums to make any such advertisements. What we must concentrate on is a quality picture. As sellers, we must take quality pictures of the doll, including close shots of critical parts like the orifices, breasts, and face, at least from all angles. These we must follow-up with a detailed description of the exact condition of the doll. One bit we must never miss is stating why we are selling the doll – the reason must be genuine and understandable. If there are any wear and tear, we must always specify that too.

Once there is an interested buyer, both parties must agree on how the payments should be made plus the shipping procedures. Same way as buying, we can use the most trusted payment gateways like PayPal and shipping agents like FedEx and UPS to seal the deal. In case the buyers are from a nearby location, they can always come along and inspect by themselves before buying – that would even be more convenient as it also helps save the shipping costs.

How To Clean A Reused Doll After Buying

Of cause before, the seller sells his/her doll; they always clean it. Upon receiving it, we also should clean it to ensure our usage will be safe. A quick and most effective procedure that sex doll brothels use on this entails;

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1.0. Using anti-bacterial cleaner detergent and warm to clean critical sections of the doll, the orifices mainly.

2.0. With the most recommendable scrubbers, luffa, or washcloth, scrub all the doll’s cavity sections. The scrubbing must reach interior units of the doll’s orifices.

3.0. Ensure 100% sterilization: Use UV light or light, diluted bleach solution. These will ensure the doll is entirely free from pathogens.

Is It Necessary To Buy A Used Sex Doll

Not all of us would want to be associated with second-hand items; however, they are always worth some exceptional cases. Sex dolls are stated earlier, tend to be pricy. Considering the latest best models, the AI robotic types, they sell at over $3000. So what if that may find them at prices lesser than that, yet in their new state, would it not be an excellent deal?

Not every second-hand sex doll is of low-quality value. Some are only used a couple of times; some, never been used at all.

Here is always the next best option for those who may have a lower budget for sex dolls. Second-hand sex dolls save money and more so allow us accessibility to high-end sex dolls only at limited prices.

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