TPE vs Silicone Sex Doll

Silicone Sex doll

Before today’s elegant, TPE, and Silicone sex dolls, there were several pre-models tracking back to where it all started. The original sex dolls’ designs were from old clothes and sewn cloth. Later after several advancements in various designs came the inflatables sex doll models. These were a bit real from their overall design, which included welded vinyl material.

inflatable Sex Doll 524x800 - TPE vs Silicone Sex Doll

The inflatables had crudely designed orifices or penis, glass/ plastic eyes, and wigs. Because of their better look, buyers overlooked their disadvantages. These dolls were less durable and could burst after a few times of use.

Modern sex dolls: TPE and Silicone sex dolls

When contemplating the two terms, our primary reference goes to the skin. TPE or silicone are ideal materials in the sex dolls making. Their existence qualities heighten the better convenience for a better sex doll’s production. The main focus of this article boils down to the facts, differences, and similarities between these two. At the end of it, you will have full information to define better, differentiate, and to describe each of them.

TPE Sex Dolls: Facts And Features

Cornelia 163cm C cup TPE real dolls

lifelike sex doll - TPE vs Silicone Sex Doll

TPE material is one ideal option in the sex dolls making. Chemically, it is a thermoplastic rubber within the conines of copolymers, a class of mixed polymers. The material features both electrometric and thermoplastic properties, which together form a more convenient sex doll structure. These two properties enable high flexibility and soft texture, thus allowing easy moulding.

Pros And Cons Of TPE Sex Dolls

The main focus here will be on TPE material; designs may not matter more so when comparing these models with silicone types. The following details will help you better understand the nature of TPE Sex Dolls.


  • High Affordability

TPE is generally a cheap material compared to silicone, and this fact also reflects on its dolls. The difference comes in terms of quality – silicone tends to be of much better, and the best models sell at rates above $2000. TPE, on the other hand, is available at lower prices, even as low as $1000.

  • Odourless
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Despite featuring plastic elements, TPE material for sex dolls remains odourless. However, you will have to support this by adequately cleaning your doll. Use the best/ recommended sanitizers, mainly to ensure your doll does not catch the bad smell.

  • Realistic Feel

TPE material feels soft, smooth and comfortable in its making. Out of its high flexibility, it well designs chubby body parts and tight muscle areas to create a more realistic and lifelike structure. A touch on it feels even more real when you heat the doll to human body temperature.

  • Hypoallergic

All TPE sex dolls come with a medical-grade ‘skin’ usable by all. The dolls are entirely free of allergic reactions and, therefore, no chance of frustrations while using them. What should concern you is whether the lube lubricant you are using goes well with you. Otherwise, you can kiss TPE sex dolls, sleeps and sit close to them with no worries.


  • Less Durable

The quality of TPE material is significantly low compared to that of silicone. It is often low resistant to heat and stain, porous to water and less strengthy.

  • Pricy

Not all TPE sex doll sre conveniently cheap, given that the term is also relative. High-end TPE sex doll tends to be more pricy and could cost higher sometimes.

See Cornelia; she is an example of the most realistic TPE sex dolls selling in the modern market. More others like her also exist; the choice will only depend on your preferences.

Silicone Sex Dolls

Jess 158cm B Cup silicone sex dolls

DSC 5611 534x800 - TPE vs Silicone Sex Doll

The silicone sex dolls are other next option you can always choose. Silicone is an outstanding sex doll making material with a critical priority to quality. Like TPE, silicone has its advantages and disadvantages, which are essential if you know.

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  • Highest Quality

The quality nature of a silicone sex doll is far much better than of a TPE doll of the same type. They last long, highly resist heat and stains and are less porous to water.

  • Lifelike/ Realistic Appearances

The silicone material is quite ideal in designing some of the best realistic/ lifelike sex dolls. Such dolls feature soft and smooth skin that can wobble and hold tight as well.

  • Hypoallergic

Like TPE, silicone is also not hypoallergic. Anyone can use it and note the kind of lube they are using – only that can cause allergic reactions.

  • Odourless

Silicone sex dolls produce no repelling smell. The silicone material itself is always odour-free and so much eliminates the chances of repelling odour. As the user, you should main this by ensuring regular cleaning of your doll more so after use and before storage.


  • Pricy

All silicone sex dolls generally sell at high rates than TPEs. Because of this, you should only go for those meeting your budget.

Jess is one of the best lifesize silicone sex dolls you can consider in this category. She comes with all the advantages of silicone sex doll – she is highly durable, easy to clean and a high performer altogether.

Similarities Between TPE And Silicone Sex Dolls

Here below are the key factors connecting these two supreme sex dolls types, silicone and TPE.

  • They all serve the same purpose – they aid masturbation
  • Realistic/ lifelike models are available in both
  • All are hypoallergic
  • Silicone and TPE are both odourless
  • They generally sex at high rates
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Differences Between TPE And Silicone Sex Dolls

Here are some of the crucial dissimilarities between these two.

Difference In Quality

Here the focus is on durability, ability to resist heat and stains, flexibility, and softness nature. Silicone has the very best of these qualities.


Silicone sex dolls due to their high-quality material, they tend to sell at much higher rates than TPE. However, there are always lots of options extended towards their selection. Cheaper models you can go for in both include the torso and mini sex dolls.

So with all this information which sex doll type most suite you?  Rember, each of these come with their advantages as well as disadvantages. Always your choice should consider more advantages over the cons.

Otherwise, the selection on both sex doll types covers a comprehensive sub-category among which include;

  • Big boob sex dolls
  • Flat chested sex dolls
  • Big booty sex dolls
  • BBW sex dolls
  • AI robot sex dolls
  • Curved sex dolls

More information on each of these dolls click Big Boobs Sex DollsMature Milf sex dollsBBW Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsAnime Sex DollsMini Sex DollsCelebrity Sex Dolls

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