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Can self-isolating with your favorite sex dolls during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic be safe? After all, it ensures fun even in isolation. Many people think it cannot be. In an Instagram post, Abyss that makes RealDolls sex robots has assured its customers that they need to worry about COVID-19 as its dolls are free from any infection. It says self-isolation doesn’t need to be the worst experience for you. All RealDolls are made with high quality silicone, which is nonporous and naturally antibacterial. You can never have enough of them.

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Online magazines have already begun posting reviews of sex dolls in their bids to bust different myths that have come to be associated with coronavirus and sex dolls.  

A major reason why the notion that sex dolls may carry the coronavirus got traction is because most of these dolls are manufactured in China, the epicenter of the COVID outbreak, and marketed all over the world.

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The moot question is whether it is possible for the virus to transmit from products to humans and what is the degree and probability of the risk. The overwhelming opinion is there are no such risks. There is medical evidence to support this notion. Sex dolls imported from China or assembled from the parts can do no harm as far as transmitting the coronavirus is concerned.

Taking the debate one step forward about whether sex dolls can carry coronavirus, leading sex doll manufacturer Silicon Wives has come up with a giveaway commercial promotion contest under which it offers free sex dolls if you win the contest.

It says if you are stuck inside your home due to the quarantine and lockdown, the company is ready to ease your social distancing pains by giving away sex dolls for free.

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So far, over 20 million people have got infected. Newspaper reports already claim that the demand for male sex dolls has increased significantly since the COVID -19 has hit the world. Now, even sex dolls for men are seeing a higher demand.  

Now let’s look at the top 10 myths that’s doing the round about coronavirus and sex dolls.

Myth No. 1

Coronavirus and COVID-19 can stay and grow inside your sex dolls. This is a completely false notion. Coronavirus or any of microorganisms capable of infecting humans cannot sustain outside the human cells. Sex dolls are made of Silicone or Thermoplastic Elastomer in the case of TPE Sex Doll. Viruses cannot keep alive on these materials. Rather, during manufacturing and packaging strong chemicals are used that would kill any microorganism that may have on the of sex dolls.

Myth No. 2

Viruses can survive the shipping time. This again is a false notion. Sex dolls are made of materials that don’t offer conducive environment for viruses to take root and grow. The shipping packaging is such that viruses, even if we assume there are some, would not survive the shipping time ranging from a week to a fortnight. The viruses and bacteria that infect humans cannot survive outside human cells for days and weeks.

Myth No. 3

The Government is not examining the import shipments strictly for coronavirus. This again is not correct. Even in pre COVID-19 days, every single imported item would be put through stringent sanitary inspection. Now that the pandemic has raised the alarm level further up, all possible precautions are taken at airports and seaports to make sure no contaminated item gets into the country. The vigilance is so strict that it has affected the export-import business badly.

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Myth No. 4

The Government’s alertness level is not up to the mark. This is incorrect. After the outbreak of coronavirus and COVID-19, all the governments around the world have woken up to the grim reality and all kinds of measures have been put in place to ensure that the virus does not enter the country. And if there is an infection somewhere, it must be isolated, contained, and killed before it can spread.   

Myth No. 5

Sex dolls are still being imported from Chinese manufacturers and it must have the viruses. This is again an incorrect impression. This kind of speculation is being spread by some vested business interests who want to spoil the entire business of sex dolls. Import shipment from China or any part of the world has not seen a drastic fall but also a stringent checking in the destination countries.

Myth No. 6

Many cities including Wuhan from where the coronavirus has spread throughout the world will perish. Though COVID-19 has killed people far and wide and in large numbers, this is a highly exaggerated estimation that some cities will see the entire population wiped out. Even if the COVID-19 scare is so real, there is nothing that sex dolls have got anything to do in the matter. Even if the world is about to perish, you should not deny your fun and joy.

Myth No. 7

Water that contains a high amount of salt can kill the virus. First of all this is not true. Salt water cannot completely eradicate viruses from a surface, But if this idea restores your confidence in your sex dolls, go ahead and give your sex doll a bath in salt water.

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Myth No. 8

If someone is infected with coronavirus, he would be killed instantly. This is not true. The recovery rate from the disease has continuously been growing and has reached over 90% in many places. So, there is a greater chance of being alive even after COVID-19 infection.

Myth No. 9

The number of people put inside the quarantine centre will top 50 million. This may or may not come true as the number of people infected with COVID-19 has crossed 20 million. But what is important is that people and the healthcare system have become more resilient in their fight against this virus.  

Myth No. 10

A large number of people are dying on streets. There is not much substance in this. Yes, the large number of patients has crippled the healthcare system, patients are still being treated well in the hospitals.

Final thoughts

The idea that sex dolls can transmit coronavirus or COVID-19 is not supported by facts or medical evidence. Both TPE sex dolls and Silicone sex dolls are just fine to spend your self-isolation with fun and fulfillment.

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