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Types Of Japanese Sex Dolls

japanese sex doll

What are japanese sex dolls?

Japanese sex dolls are exclusive sex doll’s categories composing of love dolls with native Japanese resemblance. Most vividly, they are noticeable via their generally longer and broader pretty faces featuring tiny eyes. Similarly to other categories, Japanese sex dolls share in several erotic features, which makes them worthy of the market.

Either TPE or silicone, each of these dolls comes with well-atoned skin offering a realistic feel. They come in varied body sizes, curves, and even height to measure up with the various customer demands. The very current ones are the most realistic Japanese sex dolls. These are mainly robot sex dolls. They come with an artificial intelligence feature that adds more to their life-like existence and purpose.

In Japan, where they are the most common types, many refer to them as “Dutch Wives.” Many buyers believe they can communicate with the dolls and share in their unconditional intimacy offer. All in all, Japan is a major producer, and for many other reasons, Japanese sex dolls remain in high demand.

The Secret Of Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone Sex doll

What is a silicone sex doll?
One most typical and most favorable sex doll type and category is the silicone sex doll. It represents a collection of sex doll models manufactured using silicone as part of their construction material. Due to its outstanding properties, high flexibility, smoothness, and even softness, silicone stands out to be a better alternative than its rival, TPE. Its usage applies all across the sex doll industry. Apart from silicone sex doll for sale, you will find sex toys and torsos made of silicone.