How To Enjoy Sex With Torso Sex Doll

Sex Doll Torsos

It is yet another end year; the Christmas season is approaching. Everyone is now planning on the best ways to maximize on celebration times. For every celebration, time with family, friends, and relatives has been the best. For those who may have just bought their lovely torsos sex dolls this year, it is a great time to explore more about what pleasure dolls are all about.

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2020 has been hectic, challenging yet quite transformative at the same time. It was a year of a global pandemic, the novel coronavirus, which affected our typical general lifestyle. Due to it, our social lives have taken a different diversion – in a bid to control the virus spread, keeping social distance has been the norm lately.

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Even so, the sex doll industry has a quality alternative on all these, the torso sex dolls. These are a unique classification of the various models available in the market. They are either half or quarter body designed. Like the full-size designs, still, they provide the ultimate carnal pleasures we would want to enjoy. Let’s find out how we enjoy sex with such dolls this festive season in a quick take-through.

Change The Environment, Go To Beautiful Hotels For A Night, Spend

Uniquely, our environments tend to have an impact on our sexual feelings and thrill. A beautiful and romantic hotel is one place most of us would prefer to take our lovers for a night out and sleepover. This time now that we have our pretty torso dolls, we can still have the same fun.

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The idea is to book a room early to avoid missing one; remember, people already are making early reservations. In most cases, sex dols are never allowed in public places. Therefore, we must hide them in our room, maybe when having dinner in the serving rooms.

Same way as the full-size dolls, the torso designs offer unlimited sex. Some in these moments might want to make it merry and crazy by having a cup or two of wine. Well, no issue, it is a festive season, and if there is any better way, we can enjoy it, so be it.

Try Out New Sex Positions And Styles

Good sex is all about applying super tips for golden pleasures. Sex with amateurs is often not impressive as with a pro partner. In this case, however, a sex doll can never be a pro unless we make it. How do we do that, using the best sex styles and positions that add more to our sexual appetite?

Sex doll torsos, like the full-types, also come with all sexual capabilities; oral, anal, and vaginal. However, this is except a few models that feature mainly two orifices; anus and vagina. The male type features a realistic dildo coming with the perfect size for most fulfilling sexual penetrations.

So far, there are lots of recommendable sexual positions and styles for usage with torso dolls. The best ones mostly involve fixing the doll in an immovable position that gives proper access to the orifices. Other most exciting positions are inventible in the process. Always we should focus on those that give us the satisfaction we need – sex dolls lack emotions and so may not need to feel the fulfillment.

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Find Sexy Outfits For Them

Sex is a game of the mind; many say that, and it is entirely believable. What the eye sees and the brain interprets as sexy differs; however, nothing like sexy dressing goes unnoticeable. We can make fantastic our sexual moments with torso dolls to dress than in the sexy bikinis we would always want to see.

Most torso dolls allow dressing, and this is quite fortunate for us in this case. If it is a waistline torso doll, for instance, well-fitting underpants will quite appear sexy and highly attractive to them. It is sometimes more enjoyable having sex with a partner wearing at least some clothes on – it breaks the monotony of always seeing the entire nakedness.

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For those who may have torso dolls featuring the entire upper body part, the wearing of clothes will be much more effective. Such dolls we can dress them in most exposing bras and tops that will sharpen our sexual mood.

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Another vital issue attached to outfits is make-up. A lot more people may want this. With quality make-ups, we can always make our dolls much more lovely than they initially look. All this only gives these dolls a new appearance that improves our sexual attraction towards them.

Let It Be A Three-Some; You, Your Partner, And The Torso Doll

When sex gets boring between lovers, sometimes introducing a third party makes it live again. Sex dolls generally can be the third parties, and now what matters next is the type we chose. There are many various models of torso dolls being one of them. Like the rest, this model is spicy to any sexual relationship. When involved in sex acts between couples, it triggers new sexual styles and tactics, making the entire game more enjoyable.  

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Use Best Lubes

Finally, avoid sex lubes that dry in minutes this time. Sex with any sex doll requires a special lube one that does not react in any way with their material make. The sex industry has many of these only to find those that work best for us. One way many plans are planning to enjoy their holidays this time s to have enough and proper sex. Torso dolls are ever ready for this; however, to make it all better, simple necessities such as sex lubes are essential – they will make glory all these sex moments.

Last Thoughts

Torso sex dolls come in numerous designs dictated by demand preferences. There are half body types from the waist and those with only the wait-line in a comprehensive collection. These further split into the blonde, black, big butt, flat-chest, and a lot more. For a quick review, check the best torso sex doll collection.