How Important Do You Think Weight Is When You’re Buying A Sex Doll

Sex Doll Weight

To purchase the best sex dolls, we always consider several factors among which weight is included. Let’s think of it, even with humans; we always have better choices for love partners. There are those who preferers huge body while others the slender/ skinny types – it is all about our sexual inclinations.

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Stelly 163cm C Cup Life Sex Doll

Sex dolls are of numerous types/ designs and so their weight capacities. Therefore, it translates that some are more massive than the rest and those midsize. When making our selections, choosing what works for us is often the recommendable trend. In this case, we will either be going for the lightweight sex doll designs, the midsize, or the heavy BBW sex doll types.

Heavy Vs. lightweight dolls

When it comes to excellent sex play, many people intensely focus on convenience. Weight is one factor that much determine how convenient a sex doll can be towards our usage. On average, sex dolls weigh between 30 to 80 pounds. Therefore, an average doll will weigh about 40 kg, which is an entirely manageable weight for most.

Good sex comes only when we employ unique yet highly indulging sex styles. However, to make it better, always, our sexual preferences must take part in the play. In terms of weight, a well-sized se doll often drives in a lot more of a sexual thrill for quick and continuous pleasures.

Now with this skeleton information about weight and sex doll buying, let’s join the dots. Let us now discuss when and why we should buy either a weighty or lightweight sex doll.

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Heavy Sex Dolls

Weight is a relative feature implication that stands out to be highly relative. In this respect, the chubby dolls refer to those relatively weighty sex doll models typically of big body size. They weight over 50kg and comes with greater heights of about 160cm.

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Vicky 158cm Big Boobs Sex Dolls

While some people might, despite these types of dolls, some consider the most convenient. When buying such dolls, however, a few things we should mind includes the following;

  • Space consideration

Overly, chubby sex dolls are lifelike, and with that respect, they weigh more and come with greater heights. Therefore, only when we have enough space to accommodate them should we consider buying any therein sub-models. Otherwise, some quite a several less weighty models are equally beautiful and show quality performances.

  • How much weight can we handle

What weight can we handle, light or heavy? As we have mentioned before in this text, sex dolls are of varied weights; hence, we should only consider those we can handle when making our choices. Too chubby dolls can only bring us inconvenience.

Pros Of Buying A Heavy Type Of Sex Doll

Those who may think chubby sex dolls are the best are a few positive insights worth knowing.

  • Chubby sex dolls are stable. The stability they own comes from the weight they carry. In this case, they never require a lot of energy to hold and keep in a particular position.
  • They are mostly the lifelike/ realistic types. In sex dolls, height is almost directly proportional to weight. The taller the doll, the more it weighs. Tall dolls are mostly realistic/ lifelike types. They try imitating humans in various dimensions of their physical size.
  • Sexual fulfilling: Some people only prefer the giant lifelike sex dolls that fulfill their sexual preferences.
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The major con on chubby sex dolls is the price. Most of them because of the lots of material used in their making and the technology, they tend to sell at higher rates.

Lightweight Sex Dolls

For those who may need lighter versions of sex dolls, the varieties are in plenty. Mostly, here we consider the mini sex dolls and the torsos. The making of each requires fewer quality materials as opposed to the heady doll cases.

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So why would such dolls be of more excellent choice to us?

  • Easy to handle: Handling less weighty sex dolls is always much more comfortable than otherwise. They are easily carriable into different positions for more convenient sexual gaming.
  • Soft sex dolls are cheaper: When our budget reads low, the mini-dolls and the torsos serve as the best alternatives. The dolls only consume a few make materials; hence are more affordable.
  • Lesser space needed: mini-dolls weigh about 15kg on average and bears heights not more than 100cm. Such dimensions never require lots of space to accommodate.

Like the heavy types, lightweight dolls offer more fulfilling sex for all. The only challenge with them would be about being half-body designed. However, under such concerns, there are the full-body types, the small size sex dolls. They come with all the sexual capabilities; oral, vaginal, and anal.

Another category in between lightweight and chubby sex doll is the mid-weight types. These are also available in various models depending on our specific interests.

Last Thoughts

Weight overly is a crucial factor we should always consider in sex doll purchase. Better sex dolls are those with weights we can handle. They are those we find easy to carry, store, and general use.

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