Sex Doll Brothel Directory

Sex Doll Brothel Directory

Among the emerging trends in the sex doll industry is sex doll brothels. Prostitution has been part of our social life, only that nowadays it has even gone a notch higher. Today, you do not expect to find human only in brothel premises but dolls as well.

Lots of sex doll brothel business are opening. Though there have been objections towards such establishments finding any of them can never be downright impossible. Today, if you are in Italy, Barcelona, Toronto, Moscow, and Turin, you can always find one.

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Sex dolls are overly expensive, $5,000 thereabout, or more for the most high-end type. The brothels, therefore, is a relief to many sex doll users. With affordable hourly rates they offer, you can spend quite erotic moments with top-class dolls of your choice.

Are Sex Doll Brothel Legal

Prostitution is one controversial business brothels deal in, in most countries. In the United States, prostitution is illegal mainly for immoral reasons; however, not in all states. Among countries that allow it is Barcelona and Moscow, they, however, apply strict guidelines regarding the operation of such businesses.

As much as sex doll brothels, therefore, could be legal, not all countries accept it as so. A typical example of this is a situation with a plan to establish a sex doll brothel in Houston. The idea got thwarted as soon as the city council promoted the amendment into the existing business ordinance. No business should engage in sexual objects was now the rule which enterprise patrons had to abide.

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What Are Sex Doll Types Available In Sex Doll Brothel

Most sex doll brothels are well-established enterprises with the primary plan to meet customer’s expectations entirely. We all have varied sexual preferences, and that is what these businesses take into keen consideration. Following this need, many sex doll brothels, tend to have quite a variety of sex doll types. These include the curvy sex dolls, the BBW, big breast sex dolls, the big butts, and a lot more.

Further categorizations go with appearance and operation mode. In this, therefore, we have the blonde, ebony, anime, torsos, mini dolls, and a lot more. A unique model within this collection is the customized dolls. These include celebrity sex dolls, which are often more realistic and lifelike.

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Pro and Cons Of Sex Doll Brothel

The pursuit of sex doll brothel faces both positive and negative aspects both for establishers and users. Below is an insight into these two sides, letting you understand sex doll brothels in a more profound sense.


  • Variety of sex doll models available
  • Provides therapeutic companionship
  • Offers sexual freedom: If you live with anti-sex doll persons.


  • Expensive
  • Deprives humans (prostitutes) of business

How Much Is Sex Doll Renting At Sex Doll Brothels

Sex doll brothels offer fixed rates for their services. The prices, however, do differ from one brothel to the next, depending on various factors a business considers. Aura Dolls, one of the typical sex doll brothels in Toronto, charges $120 for a one-hour session. An additional 30 minutes into the services attract an extra $90.

In Summary

Sex doll brothel directory is an accumulation of all the details you need to know relating to sex doll brothels. Are you ready to experience sex at sex doll brothel? There are plenty of these places you can visit for ultimate satisfaction. Critical advantages rest within these places, and as a sex doll fun, you will have a whole lot of it. Sex doll brothels are especially best for those who stay under one roof with those who may not like sex dolls.  In brothels, you will have all the freedom you need.

Our collection composes of the latest sex doll models coming with the features that advance sexual experience.You can look ou for more of what we have: Big Boobs Sex DollsAmerica Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTeen Sex DollsAnime Sex DollsBBW Sex Dolls

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