Robot Sex Doll Buyer Guide 2020

robot sex doll

What Is Robot Sex Doll

A robot sex doll is now the trendiest love doll category available in the market. It stands for all those sex doll models featuring robotic features intimidating characteristics of a real human. Apart from their physical appearance, resembling humans, they can now do more relating to humans. A realistic robot sex doll can move, sense,  and produce a sound like humans. Other unique models like the Robot Sex Doll under this category can even warm upon sexual arousal.  

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It is incredible how the sex doll’s technology is changing fast in a bid to meet people’s exact sexual preferences. Still, the industry is on the move, trying to come up with the very best robot sex doll type. With the new model, they imagine it would imitate more human characteristics in a much better formula. This way, it will help boost the entire sex with sex robot experience for all users.

How a robot sex doll works depend on its features. Lets us look at some of them for a better understanding of their capabilities and so user advantages.

Robot Sex Doll Technology

Below are key features making up a robot sex doll include the following.

Artificial Intelligence Technology (ai)

The ai technology forms a critical part of a robot sex doll’s development. It involves the installation of a specialized central processing unit within which are installed programs. These instructions help the doll to adapt to particular real human intelligence. Hence, they show abilities like;

  • Speech recognition
  • Decision-making
  • Visual perception
  • Language translations, and so on.

An AI robot sex doll with all these capabilities, makes social interaction with them more real. Apart from entertaining you in bed, they will remind you when to take your medicine, wake up for work, and many others. Fortunately, lots of sex robots for sale exist in the market, and you can order one whenever you want.

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Mobile Integration

The robot sex doll technology has even gone a notch higher with now its mobile integration feature. From your comfort zone, you can now fully customize most elements of a robot dolls through a specialized mobile App. The features, in this case, comprise hair and eye color, butts and breast sizes, height, and many others. This integration allows you to build and develop the exact doll type you desire.

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A typical feature in the recent sex rot for sale is the sensors. Often many dolls have them installed on their breasts, face, hands, and vagina. All these make more real the foreplay, kissing, and cuddling. Each time you touch where the sensors are, the doll will respond more like a real human being – like they are enjoying it. With AI technology and now sensors, the blend makes these dolls such incredibly impressive sex assets.

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Versatile Modes For Varied Uses

A robot sex doll is not only for sexual use. Beyond that, it can be a life companion giving you the friendship, listening ear, and the social life you want. Their ai technology help them to bear the right perception of you and interpret your personality. They do show correlative responses matching what you wish to feel comfortable in your life.

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Robot sex dolls demonstrate various movement types making them appear more life-like. They can turn their head left-right with a little verticle motion and can even blink. Specialists in the industry are, however, working towards better models that will do more.

Temperature Technology

Long are the days we had the cold sex dolls. The new robotic love dolls come with temperature technology feature, which brings in the warmth. The intention of this is to add more liveliness to the sex with sex robot experience.


The sound technology is also part of the ai sex doll feature integration. During sex, you will have your doll moan and the rest of the time conversing with you. Most dolls in this category can maintain a brief conversation according to their programming.

Top 3 Robot Sex Doll

Alina 168cm D Cup Robot Sex Doll

The 168cm Alina is a quality robot sex doll type you will find in the market. She comes with blonde hair, sexy blue eyes, and a curvy body. Her soft and smooth skin is a quality TPE material covering the steel skeleton holding it up. The joints inside her move smoothly with a lot of ease, enabling its convenient positioning.

Like every other full-size sex doll, Alina comes with the three orifices, anus, vagina, and mouth. With her feature capabilities, she can offer all pleasures from intimacy to full sexual intercourse.

Christine 167cm I Cup Robot Sex Doll

Cristine, her medium curvy body size, is what you will need to see of her to turn you on. This most realistic sex robot doll is one of the best in its category of selection for its adorable sexy features. Armed with AI technology, temperature and sound, sensors, and mobile integration features, its performance remains highly incredible. She makes sex sessions more real than others from its category of choice.

The TPE sex doll comes with all the three orifices, smooth and soft skin, and a steel skeleton. Still, the doll allows more customization options to make her what you like. You can change her hair color, eye, or even vagina type, among many other options.

Betty 160cm F Cup Robot Sex Doll

Betty is a TPE blonde type sex robot with blue eyes and quality sexy features. She wears an F cup bra for her relatively large boobs and comes with a realistic height of 160cm. Beneath her smooth and soft skin is a steel skeleton featuring highly flexible joints to keep her in varied positions.

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Betty responds to sexual arousals by wetting her orifices and warming her body. She can moan and embrace tactical yet sexy movements to advance the sexual pleasures she offers.

How Does It Feel Making Sex With Sex Robot

Incredibly awesome! Those who have tested it all out may attest to this. The ai technology is changing for better the sexual experience many have with sex dolls – making it more real. Who anyway would not want a warm doll, one with mobile integration and sensor features?  An AI robot sex doll combines all these features in one. The result is a highly intelligent yet still sexy doll partner.

Furthermore, a realistic AI sex robot for sale will always come with customization options. You can, therefore, order the exact that with exact features you prefer – big ass, muscular, and many others. Also, remember you can get a male sex robot of various physical descriptions to meet your sexual wants.

Best Sex Robot Doll For Sale 2020

Here are the 2020’s top select robot sex dolls available in the market.

Here you come to meet a variety of sexy models with the most erotic features you want to see, touch, and engage.

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How Ai Sex Doll Change The Future

It is already beginning to show how much of an impact realistic robot sex dolls are to the society. Many film productions are now incorporating sex doll characters. One example of this is the Westworld series. It illustrates how people will soon adapt the full use of the various types of sex dolls coming up.

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The sex doll’s market is already recording sales surge with lots of demand coming in. Lots of people today want to explore sex dolls as an alternative to real human relationships. Even so, there are those going into a sex doll’s brothels for both experience and sexual satisfaction. At the end of it all, they gain interest in the dolls and even resort to owning them.

6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Best Robot Sex Doll

How Much Is The Sex Robot

Price matters for every purchase we make. Robot sex dolls are of various models, defined by material type, height, complexion, body curve, and much more. All these factors yield the variety in design, which therefore translates into the price.

A more realistic silicon robot sex doll will sell at a much higher price compared to the TPE type. Equally, a full sex robot doll will always be pricy than a mini robot sex doll. Depending, therefore, on the features you want, it is essential to look for that doll within your budget.

How Much Does A Sex Robot Weight

Is it a weighty robot sex doll you are looking for or a lighter one? Both models exist and even medium weight. Your choice here will end on whether you mind portability. A full-size sex doll will weigh about to 100kgs, while the min dolls, averagely 80kgs. Your decision on this will base on your weight preferences.

Is It Illegal To Buy A Sex Doll

Matters of legality on sex doll depend on your regional state while some agree to it; others do not. However, even within those countries that allow, there are communities within which condemn their usage. Since they cannot either take legal action against you, prepare to get mocked and ill-thought of.

Soleful Purpose Of A Robot Sex Doll

Robot sex dolls are sexual machines designed in human forms. They come with either three orifices, vagina, anus, and mouth for sexual enjoyment by the user. Robot sex dolls also exist of various models, big ass, AI, blonde, muscular, ebony, and much other matching demand.

What Is The Most Advanced Sex Robot

The AI sex robot is. It is one robot sex doll category with more real-like characteristics and features. Doll under this category can converse, warm, sensitive, move, and are available for modification. With more programming, they can do even more.

What Do The Experts Say About Robot Sex Dolls

Robot sex doll experts believe that the journey to find the most realistic AI doll is not so long – the better part of it they have walked. While holding on to the currently available model, they intend to design even more advanced models that can do more. They admit, sex doll has come a long way, and with the AI type, that could be only a start towards realizing their dream.

In their favoring terms, the experts say sex dolls are a threat to the morals of society. Meaning, they want it to replace the human relationship. Many societal organizations, however, are not well in agreement with any of these.


The strong impact of ai technology of robot sex dolls has shed more light on the industry as a whole. It is a real experience most people want in their sexual interactions with dolls, and that’s what an ai sex doll provides. From quality human resemblance to adorable sexy features, the robot dolls always have it

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