The Best Lightweight Sex Doll To Have In 2020

Lightweight sex doll

Lightweight sex doll, when we mention that, almost everyone understands it and maybe gets interested. But here now is the catch, how many of us know of the best of these. Remember, the entire sex doll collection contains an almost countless number of lightweight sex dolls. Here, they feature in varied selection units defined by various parameters; appearance, size, racial affiliation, and so on.

While ‘lightweight’ stands out to be relative, we can still gauge how much it is. The heaviest sex dolls weigh about 50kgs while the lightest 20kgs, many models, therefore, tend to fall in between. As ‘lightweight’ is relative, some people would always find some of the big size sex dolls still weighing conveniently lesser as compared to others. Well, it’s a bit of a contradiction. All-in-all, before we bring up more confusion, below is a list of most select dolls belonging to the lightweight choosing.

The criteria here purely follow the weight averages, in addition to the quality of performance. Keep reading for more info.

145cm Dora Elf Teen Sex Doll

Lightweight sex dolls always have their exclusive user advantages. Dora here is one lightweight sex doll, who loves traveling and celebrating along. She weighs only 25.7kg  which is 56.65 lbs forming a lightweight package easy to carry alongside other luggage.

Like typical designs from her selection docket, she is a full-size sex doll model featuring all the sexual assets needed. Her sexual capabilities, therefore, covers all her three orifices, mouth, vagina, and anus. Owing to her lightweight size, it is easy to shift her around, position her in multiple positions with easy for sex play convenience.

A unique feature about Dora is that she is a fantasy sex doll, an elf. Added to this, she mimics a teenage girl, still a virgin, and still full of sexual vibe.

Lucile 158cm B Cup Teen Sex Doll

Where are those who cherish curvy female bodies? Well, a super sexy sex doll option is here for you. Lucile blonde hair is a small sex doll type measuring 145cm with a bodyweight of 25.7kg | 56.65 lbs. She pretty knows her ‘hot’ body shape is irresistible so she always maintains it.

Like Lucile the Elf, she stands out as one of the top suggestive lightweight options among the best sex dolls. Her interior is usually a metal frame covered with a smooth and realistic TPE skin. Her joints flex reliably allowing multiple positioning during sex.

Also, because of its height, storing her is never a big deal. She can always fit in a closet, under the bed, or a larger suitcase.

Mireya 150cm B Cup Small Breast Sex Doll

Let’s now invite ladies in. A little ‘woman’, a toy-boy we can all want in the lightweight sex doll category is Mireya. Her is charming, judging by his handsome look. Her features a muscular body, cute eyes, and a fully erect dildo.

Mireya weighs only 27kg meaning her weight is at least manageable to many. An added advantage to his lightweight is her height, only 142cm. It means therefore, her can be a package easy to carry and maneuver within airports or to hotel rooms.

For gays, Mireya is a decent model to have. Her features the masculine body structure plus a well-accomodating anus. Like most lifelike sex dolls, Abe features flexible joints and a withstanding internal metal framework that allows positioning.

Poppy 145cm C Cup Small Love Doll

Poppy is a fair price lightweight sex doll. She like the other small size sex doll comes with lightweight features contributing to its efficiency in transportation and even use. Poppy, a TPE sex doll comes with all the sexual capabilities for a lifelike sex doll. She can play anal games, vaginal penetrations, and blowjobs. Always she is a nice suiting model for both lesbians and men.

Poppy is an ideal model for those who consider best flat-chested sex dolls – hers is cup-C. She features a fixed vagina, black eyes, and regular feet which are all interchangeable.

Annab 145cm A Cup Small Sex Dolls

Another flat-chested option is here! For those who may not prefer other models discussed above, Annab is also an alternative. Because of her yellow eyes, Annab does appear like a fantasy doll. She is generally a thin girl featuring an innocent face however, do not mistake her for a flawy player. She is a pro when it comes to offering it. From bend over style, doggy to a lot more like scooping, her performances never disappoint.

Annab is a full-size sex doll, meaning, she aggress to all sexual capabilities. Her orifices; mouth, anus, and vagina are all accommodative. Give her a shot and she will play right on it with the desires you long.

Orfila 141cm C Cup Sexy love doll

Orfila is an ideal sex doll model for those who prefer big boobs. This is a fantasy of its kind which this anime sex doll provides well. The TPE sex doll features realistic wobbling boobs that are quite realistic in their feel. By holding them together, they easily allow scissoring which not so many dolls offer.

Besides that, Orfila offers other sexual capabilities; vaginal anal and mouth while fully supporting them with excellent positioning. Because of its considerable weight, 25kg, Irvette is an easy to manage sex doll model for transports, cleaning, and even storage.

Many who prefer Irvette love her blonde skin and fantasy appearance; big yellow eyes and extensive ears.


The benefits of a lightweight doll are quite tremendous. Many people have this thought that they might be difficult to hold into position but that is just a mere theory. Lightweight sex dolls as well as allow for the most enjoyable sexual experiences through their features. Once we position them well, it becomes more accessible to play sex on them to our fulfillment.

Do not be cheated though, lightweight sex dolls are of varieties and weight is always relative. When looking for the best one, always we should settle for that which has the most useful features we need. Once we do that, then we can move into considering the rest of the buying features that may exist, price, skin color, and all that.

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