How Lifelike Sex Dolls Make You A Better Lover

Lifelike Sex Doll

What Does A Lifelike Sex Doll Look Like

Lifelike sex dolls, if you are a sex doll fanatic, most likely you have heard or read about them. The lifelike sex doll is a category within which sex dolls bear the realistic human design. Meaning, the dolls come with all those body features defining a real human being; limbs, body shape, size, and so on. The most recent designs even add robot and AI technological features making them even more human-like.

A better definition of how a lifelike sex doll looks like is the real you now in a doll form. With specialized customization, he or she can have the design of your lips, eyes, body curve, height, and even orifices if you like. Because of these possibilities, many fans now have copy dolls resembling the celebrities they have always wanted.

Though this buying guide, we will discuss with you some of the key aspects surrounding the lifelike sex doll. From the facts, you will have a better understanding of the best model suiting your sexual yearnings.   

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Lifelike Sex Robot Doll

Robot technology is taking a toll in many global industries, and sex dolls are not lagging in this. Many manufacturers have always aspired to come up with a premium sex doll design that fully meets their client’s demands. However, there is never any better way to do this without closely imitating real human design and characteristics. A real human can move, talk, and do many other things like moaning that makes sex play even more enjoyable. Realistic sex dolls are only trying.

In lifelike sex dolls, robotic features do what they do best, trying to put in human feature characteristics. In this case, a lifelike sex robot will, therefore, indicate a slight level of movements, brief conversation ability, and warming. A lot of these functions operate with the help of AI technology, which is on today’s technological trend.

An important fact to note is that not all lifelike sex dolls have robotic features. Others it is only about the physical resemblance. 69realdoll is one most reliable company with top collection on the most recent lifelike sex robot. Take a look robot sex doll

Why Are Lifelike Sex Dolls So Popular

The great popularity of the lifelike sex doll category relates to many varied contributing aspects. If this has as well caught your attention, you better read the following reasons to find out why. You never know, you may get interested too and get the best lifelike sex doll on sale today.

Realistic Appearance

The most outstanding and definitive feature of any lifelike sex doll is their realistic appearance. Behind this realistic appearance stands many other factors like skin type, shape, height, eye type, hair, nails, and so on. A lifelike sex doll comes with a soft and smooth, well-toned TPE or silicone skin giving it the most realistic touch.

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Their shape and height vary but still imitate those of real humans. Hence, under design, you will find the short, tall, medium, with big ass, huge tits, muscular body, blonde, ebony, and many others. Facial appearance on them is also another highly imitating factor. Most of the lifelike category dolls resemble people in their 20’s and early 30’s. However, there are those with a younger appearance belonging to the teenage category.

Advanced Technology| Artificial Intelligence

Most lifelike sex dolls come with robotic characteristics mainly controlled by an artificial intelligence (ai) feature. The two operate as one. AI is a processor unit connecting to sensors. From it, other actions like movements, sound production, and warming up within the doll take effect.

The technological advancement adds more reality to the lifelike sex dolls, thus making sex play with them more enjoyable. It is, therefore, one important feature to look out for when shopping for any lifelike sex doll.

Some Use Them To Avoid Toxic Relationships

While this point might apply to all sex doll’s categories, there is a difference when it comes to the lifelike selection. Many people would prefer the most realistic sex dolls over any other. Not everyone succeeds in human relationships, and lifelike dolls serve as better substitutes. What they lack most is perhaps conscience and a few features like quality speech or movement.

Ultimate Sexual Satisfaction

Aside from appearance and technology, lifelike sex dolls serve their purpose right. Their design, composed of the most realistic orifices, gives the proper accommodation and satisfaction you want. Some of these will be replaceable and others fixed. Among the fixed types, there are those that wet under sexual arousal by the user. Also, some of these get warm and keeps you more comfortable in the game.

Lifelike Male Sex Doll

The lifelike male sex doll category compose of all dolls make. A lifelike male sex doll comes with a muscular body type and erect penis. The rest of its appearance features, the eyes, height, body size, and all that resemble real male humans. Ideally, these models are for women’s use; however, other men (trans-sexual or gay) might also be interested in them.

Our sex doll store allows more customization options for all dolls in this category. Hence, at the end of it all, you can have that exact ‘man’ you want to bed or bed you. You can always make your order at any time of your convenience.

Life-Size Silicone Sex Doll

The lifelike sex doll category covers a wide selection of sex doll model. One of their top-selling models is the life-size silicone sex doll. It consists of all lifelike sex dolls but of silicone material make. Because of their high-quality material, they tend to show high levels of performance. They last long,  soft and smooth and are easy to clean.

Being life-size, it means their height and general body mass measure like that of real humans. On an average basis, these dolls measure  100cm height and 70kgs. All dolls here are ideal for anyone with interest in the silicone doll of life-size measurement.

What Is The Unique Attraction Of Lifelike Sex Dolls

All lifelike sex dolls are majorly unique out of one feature, the realistic appearance. With it comes the various sex doll’s height, facial look, body curves and sizes, hair type and style, plus a lot more. It is a broad category featuring a variety of models basing on these definitive characteristics.

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The choice you make on any models under this grouping is dependant on your sexual preferences. Otherwise, many sex doll supplies will allow you the option to customize your doll the way you would want it.

Lifelike Sex Dolls For Sale

The sex doll’s market is on its wheels, and it continues to provide clients with lots of different love dolls. The lifelike category is part of their most famous collection, which has lots of demand. It composes of various subcategories defined by material make, body shape and design, and even complexion.

Lifelike sex dolls for sale are the ready models you find on the many sex doll shops and showrooms. They bear close physical resemblance with human beings and are for sexual purposes.

About Three Specific Methods To Store Lifelike Sex Dolls

However, the high quality of your lifelike sex doll can be, without proper storage care, it may not last long enough. Proper procedures, in this case, involves taking care of all the precaution guarding the existence of the doll. Here are some of the most recommended ones for lifelike sex dolls.

Hanging Storage

One way you can store your doll is by hanging it on a safe, dry area or room. On this procedure, specialized sex doll hanging kits, headstands, and body hanger is essential. The process here involves detaching your doll’s head from the body and separately suspending the two parts. The head part will stand on the headset while the body hangs on its suspension kit.

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Independent Storage

The independent storage procedure is one that you might already be familiar with. It involves fitting back your sex doll into its package box. It might not, however, be in its original package box, but at least in some hidden closet away from everyone. In this method also, you will have to mind the condition you store your doll. Wet, dumpy, or excessively hot conditions may not be quality storage for them. If it is a box, it should be clean and dry.

This method is ideal when one is traveling for a long time, a week, a month, or so. Usually, you do not want your dol to gather dust or someone to blast into your room and find it.  

Sit Down And Keep

The literal wording of this point explains it all. In this method, you need nothing more than a chair or some comfortable place to sit your doll. The sit and keep technique is appropriate for when you are going to work, and there is no one else left in the house who can see it. The best sitting place for these dolls are either your bed or somewhere within your bedroom. Some may also not mind sitting them in the sitting or dining rooms.

These three methods are the most typical ones; however, other people may improvise some that favors them the most. The main factor to consider, however, for quality storage is to focus on the user precautions offered by the manufacturers.  This way, the longevity of your doll will be a guarantee.

Can Sex Doll Surprise You Not To Want To Think About Them Again

For those who are meeting lifelike sex dolls for the first time, it might be quite surprising and heart chilling. One fact that astonishes many mostly is about them being lifeless. Not so many are courageous enough to look at the ‘dead.’

Now imagine this situation, you enter your home from work, forgetting you had a sex doll and you let it in your sitting room. Then, immediately you open the door, you find her starring at you. Well, if you are new into sex dolls, most likely, you will feel all the astonishment and fear before your minds tell you who she is.

This situation happens among many amateurs; however, with time, they get used to the entire situation.

Some Of The Sexual Fetishes You Can Act On With Your Lifelike Sex Doll

Have you watched the ‘50 Shades of Grey’ franchise? If so, you might be familiar with several fetishes depicted in some of its scenes on fetish sex games. Many refer to it as a rough sex game – it is more of fighting. Partners are tying each other up, whipping one another, and doing a lot more, making it all look like a forced sex play.

Playing this rough game with your lifelike sex doll is also acceptable; however, only to certain limits. More commonly acceptable fetish acts with your doll can be the following;

  • Diaper Bondage: This involves dressing in any possible sexy wear, the boots, baby-dresses, and others that trigger erotic emotions.
  • Erotic Asphyxiation: It is chocking your partner while having sex. Many people like it, and it may apply to dolls too.
  • Golden Showers: This is the act of squirting or peeing on your partner. The dolls might not do it, but you can. However, you need to be careful not to do it on areas that allow its seepage into internal components. Such areas are like neck regions.
  • Dendrophilia: It involves taking your sex sessions in the forest. Some people get aroused by the environment they are in. For some, particularly in areas surrounded by trees.
  • Whipping: This is the most common. However, with sex dolls, you need to use less harmful material to hit them with. A belt could work, not a metal.

Taking a look at all of these fetishes, you may realize the different sexual fantasies people have. Thus in building any lifelike sex doll, manufacturers focus hard on coming up with designs that would meet the sexual wants and needs of many.You can look ou for more of what we have:America Sex DollsJapanese Sex DollsCelebrity Sex DollsTeen Sex DollsAnime Sex DollsSmall Sex DollsBig Boobs Sex Dolls and so on.