Types Of Japanese Sex Dolls

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What Are Japanese Sex Dolls

Japanese sex dolls are exclusive sex doll’s categories composing of love dolls with native Japanese resemblance. Most vividly, they are noticeable via their generally longer and broader pretty faces featuring tiny eyes. Similarly to other categories, Japanese sex dolls share in several erotic features, which makes them worthy of the market.

Either TPE or silicone, each of these dolls comes with well-atoned skin offering a realistic feel. They come in varied body sizes, curves, and even height to measure up with the various customer demands. The very current ones are the most realistic Japanese sex dolls. These are mainly robot sex dolls. They come with an artificial intelligence feature that adds more to their life-like existence and purpose.

In Japan, where they are the most common types, many refer to them as “Dutch Wives.” Many buyers believe they can communicate with the dolls and share in their unconditional intimacy offer. All in all, Japan is a major producer, and for many other reasons, Japanese sex dolls remain in high demand.

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Types Of Japanese Sex Dolls

If you are planning to have a better sexual experience with your Japanese sex doll, then you got to choose your best. It is essential to notice that, similarly to other categories, Japanese sex dolls come in various categorized models. The extensive classification bases on material type where we have either the silicone and TPE types.

Under Japanese silicone sex dolls, the same as for TPE, there are even more specific models to choose from. Among these comprise the big boobs Japanese sex dolls best for those interested in gigantic, chubby tits. Others include the big ass sex dolls for those who cherish huge behind, teenage, muscular, and more. Within these also, there are other specialized categories of dolls. These are the mini Japanese sex dolls, which are defined by their small sizes. AI robot sex dolls are the other category. It composes of those dolls which can make specific movements and talk a few words when sexually aroused.

When buying any of these Japanese sex dolls, trend consideration on them is often essential. Remember, all you want is a well-suiting sex doll with features you most prefer for your budget. Well, here are some trending sex doll types to look out for.

Japanese Silicone Sex Dolls

These are Japanese sex dolls made with 100% silicone material. Silicone is the safest and most reliable material in the sex dolls’ industry. Unlike other materials, it is effortless to clean, does not rust easily, highly flexible, and lasts longer. It has no side effects when it interacts with human skin and majorly remains smooth and soft.

The use of silicone material applies in designing any sex doll model meant to last, feel smooth, and remain soft. There are different sub-selections of Japanese silicone sex dolls to choose from. These include teen, ebony, blonde, and big boobs sex dolls. Your best choice on any of these models, however, should rely mostly on the features you desire. That way, you will have the quality time you have always wanted with any of the Japanese silicone sex dolls.

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Silicone Sex Dolls For Sale

Big Boobs Japanese Sex Dolls

Are you interested in big boobs? Plenty of them is available with silicone material design. As soft as the real ones feel, the big boobs Japanese sex dolls give you precisely that. Dolls in this category, however, come with varied tits’ sizes. Despite being generally huge, you will still find the various bra sizes of A, C, D, J, E, and a lot more.

For those interested big boobs Japanese sex dolls, the 69Realdoll’s 2020 collection has it all for you.

Big Boobs Japanese Sex Dolls For Sales

Mini Japanese Sex Dolls

When you have limited space within your room or probably need highly portable sex dolls, the best option always brings you to the mini types. Mini sex dolls are equally sexy, romantic, and lovable to hang around with. Like the full-size sex dolls, they also come with all the erotic features needed – the orifices, curvy body, and many others.

If your preference is in Asian models, you can get yourself one of the Japanese mini sex dolls’ for a try. Of course, they come with those best features you will never drop them for. They will always give you the satisfaction you need at a reduced at all times of your choosing.

Silicone and TPE mini sex dolls are some of the best you can find. However, within these two, you will find other categories, such as the slender, young, or small, with similar tastes.

Japanese Robot Sex Dolls

These are the real-life Japanese sex dolls that exhibit robotic features. Their purpose is to bring out the reality in any sex play you engage them.

They come with artificial intelligence features to enable them to process sound, touch, and can even move. Like humans, therefore, they respond to caressing and specific talks.

Another great feature they have is sound technology. Apart from listening and perceiving sound, they can maintain a short conversation with you during your sessions. All these features plus more coming in brings out the reality in these sex dolls.

Japanese robot sex dolls come in a variety of types as well broadly categorized as either TPE or silicon. Within each of these classifications, there are many other specific models within which you chose. They range from the mini sex doll types, the full size, and the torsos. Under these three, there are also big ass sex dolls, huge tits, muscular, and even teen. However, still, there is always a customization option where you will get the exact copy of the doll you fantasize about. It could resemble that hot porn star you who turns you on even behind screens.

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Sex Robot For Sale

Cheap Japanese Sex Dolls

A better way to get a convenient yet less expensive sexual experience with a love robot is to go for the inexpensive types. Cheap Japanese sex dolls are plenty in the market, and from any part of the globe, you can order yours. Cheap here, however, is relative. Depending on the specific doll’s material type, height, and probably size, the individual model’s prices vary. A cheap Japanese silicone sex doll will, for instance, generally be a little more expensive than a TPE one.

Despite their cheap state, these dolls still exhibit all the essential erotic features you need to trigger your nether. This category also composes of various models like the big boobs sex dolls, muscular, teen, big ass, plus other customized designs. They may be cheap but can give that most erotic play you do not get from your real sex partner.

The existence of cheap Japanese sex dolls is to offer those on a low budget a solution and an alternative. Most people, however, chose to buy them as entry-level dolls for explosion – sexual experience. Luckily, they do not find them any disappointing.

Cheap Sex Dolls For Sale

Top 5 Japanese Sex Dolls For Sale 2020

Each New Year offers a chance several advancements in sex dolls’ industry. 2020 came in well with top quality Japanese sex dolls with most erotic features clients demand. Below are the top 5 of them all.

Basserty is a real sex doll made from TPE material and exhibits all the most realistic features of her category. She comes with soft, smooth skin, behind which there is an internal steel skeleton holding it up.

The life-size doll comes with well-structured orifices with the capacity to accommodate all nether. It offers great flexibility in varied positions and allows lots of customization on its features.

Besserty 158cm love real doll

Jess is a quality sex doll model designed to offer absolute sexual satisfaction. Its internal structural features include a steel skeleton with flexible joints to allow its easy positioning.

Jess features a soft, smooth skin giving it a more realistic feel and appearances. Its orifices, including mouth, anus, and vagina, are quite accommodative for all users.

Jess 158cm B Cup Silicone Sex Dolls

Are big titties your type? Rebeca has the most descent ones firmly pasted in her beautiful chest. With a beautiful life-like appearance, Rebecca stands out to be among the top 5 leading big breast sex dolls. The TPE big breast sex doll comes with a steel skeleton structure inside it for better positioning during sex. Her neck comes with a new feature connecting it to the head; this allows a more realistic spin.

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The realistic love dolls sex doll, Rebeca also comes with a fitting body shape blending so well with her attractive clothes. Her loyalty in bed is nothing worth comparing to a real teen girl. She is up to giving you memorable moments that will, for sure, bring you back.

Rebecca 172cm q cup big boobs sex doll

The sex real doll Bernice is a teen mini-doll type with big boobs. Her body is a premium grade TPE material covering a steel skeleton. At her 100cm of height, she comes with sexy features of body curve, beautiful orifices, and smooth and soft skin.

69realdoll will always allow its further customization to fit your desires exactly.

The Japanese sex doll Cora is the most realistic sex doll who likes her culture. She covers her quality soft TPE skin with her traditional dress but leaves her sexy thighs noticeable. Her stability contributes from the steel skeleton inside her but which remains reliably flexible.

The sex robot Cora features a D cup bra size with beautiful nipples and orifices. However, still, it allows lots of customizations to her sexy features to make her what you want.

Cora 168cm d cup sex robot dolls

Sex Trends And Facts On Any Real Japanese Doll

Lots of rumors, myths, and misconceptions about Japanese sex dolls remain on the tread each day. However, going for real facts is the best option for knowing about your Japanese love dolls.

Below are some of the trendiest facts you need to know about your dolls.

Sex Dolls Are Becoming Better Alter Natives To Relationships In Japan

Beginning and maintaining healthy relationships is never a walk in the park. Many try but end up in break-ups and a lot more of frustrations. It is quite unfortunate for some who have passed the valley and hills of relationships and failed. The pain they carry at times shuts in them the eye to see the meaning of a love relationship.

In such a position, they stand a higher chance of opting for sex dolls than any human being. Japan has lots of these people; hence some see Japanese sex dolls as better alternatives.

Why Japanese Men Prefer Sex Dolls As An Ideal Love Partner

There could be many reasons why Japanese are now flocking in shops for Japanese sex dolls. One could be because these sex robots are readily available from several factories therein. But that does not explain it all, people have their personalized considerations and so reasons to buy these dolls.

Here are some of these possible reasons.

  • Affordability: Taking care of a doll is much cheaper than a real-life partner. Once you buy it, that’s all: no hospital bills, food, attention, and many other cost responsibilities.
  • Safety: It is easy to trust a sex doll than real humans. Hence there are almost zero percent chances of you contacting STIs from it unless you share.
  • To escape having many children and not using contraceptives.

Apart from these main ones, an individual may have more personalized reasons.

Sex Doll Brothels Are On The Rise

A new business is cropping up in many social streets of Japan, the sex doll brothels Investors in these businesses are availing various sex doll types to meet their client’s needs. For those who only wish to have a feel of what sex feels with these dolls now have the opportunity. The charges go per hour, and many flocks in these areas to quench their sexual desires.

Conclusively, choosing your best Japanese sex dolls, should not be all that complicated. What you need to look for are those features you prefer in a sexy man or woman. If it is built muscle, within the Japanese sex dolls collection, you could never miss one with those features.

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