How To Increase Fertility With A Sex Doll

sex with sex doll

Do you believe sex dolls can increase your fertility? Strange! Many experts have a varied opinion on this; however, let’s consider real facts here. Sex dolls are pleasure-giving machines designed for a similar if not the same feeling as of sex with humans. The different varieties, the BBW Sex Doll, Big Boobs Sex Doll, the big butts, and so on, all come with specific features that thrive the sexual vibe and maintain healthy sexual life for any user.

Fertility is key to humans as far as procreation is concerned. Cases of infertility are no new; they are quite a several according to various recognized studies. So, now that we are sure of pleasure can sex dolls also advance fertility levels?  

According to various reliable sources that we have confirmed, it is a yes, now the how remains the big question. Our investigations on this topic reached us in these ways, techniques, and methods.

Sex Dolls Relieve Us Of Stress

What are the chances of us siring or conceiving when we are under stress and anxiety, 20%, 50%, 70%, or 100? Well, we can all be sure it is not 100%. According to medical facts, naturally, it longer for women under stress to conceive. “Your body is smart; it knows that (periods of stress) are not good times to have a baby,” says Domar, a fertility researcher.

The same scientific proofs indicate that sex is a natural remedy for stress. Various tests and research results, good sex significantly reduces stress and anxiety. For those who have experienced sex already, how does it feel after nice memorable sex? Most of us feel over and above the moon. The next day you wake up and feels like you had the perfect night ever, highly spirited.

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Sex dolls provide unlimited sex. Day or night, come sun come sunshine, their strength and vibe will remain the same. No matter the model, these dolls always remain highly submissive to any sexual request we make on them.

Wild, Energetic Sex Is Paramount To Conception

Dr. Allan Pacey, a senior lecturer in andrology at Sheffield University, said, “Couples who are trying to have a baby often mention that the sex becomes a bit of a chore, a bit mechanical and routine. That’s the wrong thing to be doing.” Now let’s forget what diet specialists say or other fertility experts on unsafe days; the real deal is sex.

In support of his claim, several other research doctors recommend vibrantly and sex fulfilling sex among couples who want to make a baby. They say quality sex pleasure leading to orgasm enhances muscle actions in the vagina and helps pull sperms into the cervix.

Sex dolls are quality practice platforms for quality sex. Therefore, we can practice on the various most engaging sexual styles and positions that drive orgasm levels into their proper heights.

In any best sex doll collection, we always have different models that specify various sexual preferences. The best one is the most realistic. Here there are varieties as well, flat-chested, BBW, big booty, curvy, among many others. Each of these represents real humans, which offers us a better chance to gain a better experience with real people.

Sex Dolls Keep Your Weight In Check

Are you overweight? That could be a significant reason why you are not conceiving. Health facts behind weight and fertility in women explain that obesity does lower the chances of conception. The same scenario replicates on light conditions. The most recommendable sizes are near the medium, not the extremes.

Sex is one form of exercise that often offers significant control over overweight. The push and pull, the twisting, carrying, and many others all occur in the form of physical activity. Various experiments explain that sex shades off a significant amount of calories; hence it can be another alternative to a gym or dieting.

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After choosing the best sex doll to use, next will be to embrace the most fulfilling positions and styles. All these will ensure uttermost enjoyment and while maintaining the best weight.

 Sex Dolls Make You Stronger For Quality Sex

Looking forward to being a dad? Well, you must work hard in bed. We can barely erect to full size, not play the game satisfactorily enough, always we lower our chances of getting a woman pregnant. Sex dolls are aids for quality sex play. They allow us to exercise quality sex that involves controlling ejaculations.

As explained earlier, good sex heightens the chances of conception; thus, when we cannot elevate a woman into orgasm, we lower these chances. Sex dolls are an unlimited source of sexual pleasure. Through their facilitation, we can learn various ways to boost our sex gaming skills. Fortunately, in the due procedure, we tend to gain more skill strength than the physical one.

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Frequent Ejaculation On Sex Dolls Improves Sperm Quality

Science has already confirmed it! The high frequency of ejaculation tends to boost the quality of the sperms. This actually on the contrary opinion of most of us who cares thinks otherwise. Sex dolls are masturbator aids – so often, we can ejaculate on them to clear up the weak sperms and only allow the strong ones to develop.

In medical research by David Greening, an Australian fertility specialist showed how men who ejaculated so often have quality semen. The results were, 80% of the 118 men positive – they showed high levels of quality sperms.

For those who have a wife trying to get pregnant, this is the trick. While our partners are away, we can play a few shots on our dolls to prepare for the real game. Here we will be immensely increasing the chances of them conceiving.


Many people will find this strange; however, it is practical. Sex dolls offer a lot more than typical sexual fun. The points above illustrate how these sex machines can significantly impact fertility struggles. Beyond these, there is a lot still to come in terms of a sex doll’s operational benefits.

The plan, therefore, is to start looking for the most suitable model that will embrace our sexual will. They are quite plenty in number. Visit the latest sex doll models for quick choice.