How To Choose A Sex Doll

How to choose a sex doll

Buying a sex doll is a simple process, but it can also be intimidating, especially for first-time buyers. This is because there are several options to choose from, and those who buy sex dolls, especially the male gender, are still frowned upon in some communities. However, knowing the correct features to look for can help you narrow down your options and make it easier for you to get the kind of sex doll you want. This article will show you how to choose a sex doll as well as why you need one. There are also tips on how to use and store your sex doll.

What Is A Sex Doll

A sex doll is a solid sex toy type designed in the shape, size and general appearance of a sexual partner for help with masturbation. Other reliable sources like Wikipedia refers to it as a love doll or adult doll. A sex doll comes in multiple models consisting of those with full-body sections and those that do not.  A partial body sex dolls, in this case, are the torsos. They consist of dolls with only upper or lower body sections from the waist. However, both the full size and the torsos come with accessories, the anus, penis, vagina and mouth for sexual stimulation and engagement.

Sex dolls are highly customizable. This allowance enables you to have the exact sex doll design you want – even that which resemble a celebrity. We will help you change the eyes, orifices, hair type or colour, nipple type and so on. You should not confuse our lovely dolls with the blow-up/ inflatable types. What we have are solid sex dolls with the most realistic touch and physical appearance.

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Why Buy A Sex Doll

These will help you out if you’re still not sure about the benefits of a sex doll. Some of the reasons why sex dolls are used include:

Better Relationships

Most people struggle with faithfulness and want to explore various sexual fantasies while still having good and healthy relationships. Most of the time, relationships break because of unfaithfulness, but sex dolls can help prevent that. When you buy one to use with your partner, you can show them what gives you more pleasure and strengthen the bond between them.

More Orgasms

Every person has different sexual fantasies, and sometimes those fantasies don’t come true, especially when you fear to share them with your partner. That fear is one of the main reasons why most people don’t experience orgasms. Other reasons are menopause and hormonal changes, especially in women. Sex dolls can help each of you experience new sensations that help you climax faster. Whether you want to increase the level of pleasure or enhance your performance, you will benefit from sex dolls.

They Are Popular

Sex dolls have become very popular, with most people investing in them, which means that stigma no longer exists when it comes to owning one. If you’re a shy person who finds it hard to go out and meet people, then a sex doll can be of help to you.

How To Choose A Sex Doll

There are several sex dolls in the market, and that can be confusing, but there are several factors that you can consider to make your decision easier. Those factors include your budget, the materials used in making the sex doll, and your appearance preference.

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Sex Doll Under 100

Sex dolls under this category are mainly pocket Vaginas and Butts. The small sizes of the vaginas make them easily portable, which increases convenience with which you can use them. They come in different models and styles that you can choose from, but they are all realistic, which means you will have a good experience with them. Some of the vaginas you can look into include mini vagina strokers, deep throat mouth strokers, and extreme pussy and ass masturbators. The butts also come in different shapes and sizes, making it easier for you to find something that suits your exact needs. There are curvy sex doll butts and round hips pussy and ass sex dolls you can select from. Some of them also come in pleated skirts, thongs, and stockings designs, which gives you a wider variation.

Sex Doll  Under 500

This category has more elections for you. You can buy a Mini Sex Doll, Torso Sex Doll, or Sex Doll Legs. Mini sex dolls have all the body parts, but they are smaller and are therefore easier to carry around. They are also available in different designs and materials which guarantee sexual satisfaction. They have different breast sizes and different heights. Sex doll legs, on the other hand, are made from the torso downwards, but they also come in various designs. Like the mini sex dolls, they are also realistic and are capable of giving you a good experience. Sex doll torsos are also made with realistic features like breasts and vaginas that guarantee to fulfill sexual escapades. You can also find some with suction dildos. Examples of sex dolls under $500 include bi-love S curvy sex doll, sex doll suction dildo, pleated school uniform curvy sex doll, and rosy 65 cm anime sex doll.

Sex Doll Under 800

You can buy good Mini Sex Dolls with less than $800, but most products under this category are made with TPE instead of silicone. They are more flexible and still provide a realistic sexual experience. These sex dolls’ small sizes don’t reflect on their ability to deliver the sexual experience you want. You can select them based on their cup sizes as well as their body sizes and height. There are tall and slender ones and short and plump ones. You can select from the variation of anime sex dolls and love dolls under this category.

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Sex Doll Between 1000 To 2000

This category consists of sex dolls with more enhanced features to provide enhanced erotic experiences. Their features are more detailed than other categories, and they have a more physical appeal. You can find dolls with sharp noses, bigger butts, smaller boobs, or petite bodies. They are also available in different colors and both silicone and TPE materials.

Sex Doll Over 2000

Sex dolls in this category are considered high-end and, therefore, more customized to give you value for your money. These sed dolls have more lifelike features and are more similar to humans. Examples are D cup Robot Sex Dolls and H cup life size sex dolls.

Sex Doll Material


A thermoplastic elastomer is a new material compared to silicone, but it is still good material. It is softer and is, therefore, more flexible. If you want a sex doll that is sifter to touch, then one made with this material is better for you. The material doesn’t cause any allergic reaction and is cheaper than silicone. However, the material is also very porous, which makes it harder to clean. You will have to spend a lot of time and energy cleaning the vaginal and anal areas when you use them.


Silicone Sex Dolls come at higher prices, but they are easier to clean and are resistant to stains and water. They are also hypoallergic, and they don’t require a lot of maintenance, especially cleaning. They can be sterilized, and they give a more realistic experience than TPE dolls. Another disadvantage of silicone is that they are tough and can become wobbly, which can ruin your experience.

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What Appearance You Like


Everyone has different preferences when it comes to the women they want to get intimate with, and sex dolls are made to honor those preferences. You can, therefore, find American sex dolls, Asian or Japanese dolls, and black dolls. The dolls have features that set them apart. For instance, American sex dolls will have pointed noses, while black ones are known for their darker complexion.

Outward Characteristics

You can also look for a sex doll based on the kind of features you like. If you prefer big boobs and butt, then look for sex dolls built like that. If you prefer petite dolls with smaller breasts, then you can also find them. The outward features also extend to the color of the eyes and type of hair.

Size And Weight

There are smaller dolls that are easy to carry around because they are slender and short, but there are also bigger dolls, commonly known as BBW dolls. Most of the time, the bigger dolls cost more than, the smaller ones. For instance, dolls with bigger boobs always cost more than those with smaller boobs, even if they have the same height.

Tips And Reminders For Choosing Sex Dolls

When shopping for a sex doll, you need to work with a budget, then proceed to look for one within our budget range. Remember that the bigger the doll, the more the price, so if you want a full-size doll, you will have to spend more than $800. If you want a robotic doll, then you will end up spending more than $2000.

Your preferences are also necessary when you’re considering how to choose a sex doll. Make sure you know the kind of body proportion you are looking for. Remember that sex dolls are made with very specific features to allow each person to find their preference.

When it comes to materials, TPE is cheaper than silicone, and the dolls are still functional. However, you should remember to consider other factors, such as storage space. The flexibility of TPE makes them harder to store, especially for the long term because sex dolls should be kept in an upright position.


At 69realdoll, we have all types of sex dolls at different prices. We also have an excellent support team that can help you choose an appropriate doll if you’re not sure about the type you want. Our dolls are made with the highest quality standards to give them an aesthetic appeal and allow them to give you a realistic experience.

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