How Much Are You Willing To Spend On A Sex Doll

Sex Doll Cost

Having a sex doll or a set of sex dolls is private matter for someone. They are used in private spaces for private moments of sexual pleasure. These dolls have to be made with medical grade materials with all sorts of novelties thrown in. All this requires designers and fabricators to work for a long time to come up with the sex dolls with flawless complexion and finish, from hair, eyes, breasts, and so on.

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This makes sex dolls expensive. Now depending on what is the motivation and how strong it is, people can spend any amount of money. While an average sex doll may come for $1000 to $4000, there is no end to how far the prices can go now that modern technology is increasingly seeking to introduce robotic features in sex dolls. Since sex dolls tend to cater to people’s sexual and voyeuristic delight, people tend to go for the higher-end products and don’t seem to mind the prices.

For economical and basic models, prices start from $1000 for sex dolls. But sex dolls belong to light luxury products and anyone who is planning to buy one or more of these models have an understanding of the price that they may have to pay up.

Why Sex Dolls are Expensive

Developing the prototype of sex dolls is a long and intensive project involving many different types of professionals working together with different materials and methodologies. By the time the prototype of a sex doll is ready, the manufacturer has already incurred a substantial amount of money, which need to be recouped from the products that are now going to be rolled out from its production facilities.

A full body sex doll’s average weight is about 30 kg. It is built on a skeleton made of medical grade stainless steel. Then, all the fine detailing has to be done from orifices to the color of the eyes and skin. The body joints need to be made flexible so that the dolls can be twisted and bent easily into different postures. There is a huge amount of detailing required to make the sex dolls look a sexier version of the woman partner that somebody may like to have.

All these detailed features add to the final cost of the products. So, from being a private product sensitive to hygiene and health considerations to a highly detailed human-like full body structure, a sex doll packs in much more than what appears from its looks. It’s no wonder then that the starting price for such products is $1000 while a mid-range quality product could be available only from $3500.

Let’s understand the entire dynamics of sex doll business under the following 4 points:

Affordable Sex Doll

Sex dolls are bought for enhancing one’s sexual pleasure. Though there are affordable sex dolls in the market, the quality considerations far outweigh the cost analysis. However, affordable sex dolls expand the market by allowing everyone to be able to buy a sex doll for himself or herself. The sex dolls act in place of a human partner and they tend to do better.

Their looks and body features are sexy, appealing, and immaculate. The orifices are just the size one would want them to be. However in matters of sex, more is never enough. So, the industry is always working overtime to bring more advanced sex dolls, taking the prices from affordable to premium.   

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TPE Sex Doll

Sex dolls come in two different materials these days. These materials are Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and Silicone. TPE sex dolls have been around for quite some time while the Silicone sex dolls are a relatively recent development. TPE sex dolls are marginally cheaper than Silicone sex dolls. While in many ways, Silicone sex dolls are considered better than TPE dolls, Silicone sex dolls do not offer the texture and bounce that various body muscles would give while loving making, especially the breasts.

TPE has both plastic and rubber in it while Silicone is purely a polymer whose surface is non-porous. This means Silicone dolls are waterproof while TPE dolls are not. Because of this, cleaning and maintaining hygiene standards is easy with Silicone sex dolls while the same is not true for TPE sex dolls.  

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Realistic Sex Doll

For sex dolls to be able to cater to the sexual fantasy of its owners, they have to be realistic sex dolls. This means every feature about them should resemble or match to those of real humans. For the artists, design, and material engineers, this is a challenging task. Looking at the realistic sex dolls available in the market, we can says that they have been very successful.

Now, sex dolls are not only realistic but they are increasingly coming with more artificial intelligence and other robotic features. The days are not far when we will have highly interactive realistic sex dolls with sophisticated user interface.

Cheap Sex Doll

Yes cheap sex dolls can be a popular idea but making this happen is difficult. At the moment, the cheapest sex dolls are priced in the range of $1000. If you try to cut the cost to create a cheap sex doll, you may end up compromising on quality, aesthetics, and features of the doll.

Oonce you are ready to compromise on the quality, your cheap sex doll may not be able to provide you the highest standards of hygiene and safety. If you compromise on the aesthetics, you will not get the sexy looks, human-like skin texture, and the beautiful eyes and hair. Efforts to cut the cost and get a cheap sex doll may not be a great idea, after all.

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Final Thoughts

Sex dolls are available in different price brackets starting from $1000 and going up to $3500 for the midrange products, and $ 10,000 and upwards for the premium quality sex dolls with robotic features. Efforts are on to make available affordable sex dolls with advanced features. But right now realistic sex dolls can come only in the range of $2000 and above though TPE sex dolls can be found at cheaper prices.

But we know most people will like to pay higher prices for enhanced sexual satisfaction and sexual fantasy. So, while cheap sex dolls are always a thrust area, the industry is also working towards more feature-rich sex dolls with a premium price.

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