How Can You Make A Girl Orgasm Easily

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Sex indeed is a fascinating subject and if two partners indulge in sex it is quite obvious that their levels of sexual satisfaction does play a big and vital role. Yes, regular sex that is based on mutual respect and mutual arousal is a part of good sex health regimen. But there are a few more things that one must keep in mind, especially with regard to orgasm as far as women are concerned. In many man-woman relationships, there have been instances where women have often complained of just going-through-the motions. In other words, they do not reach climax which then leads to orgasm. On the other hand, the sexual functions of the man has been designed in such a way that he is able to reach orgasm even with a few minutes. This may not be possible as far as the man is concerned. It is therefore important to find out ways by which the man is able to answer the question as to how he can make a girl reach orgasm easily. Let us see whether this is at all possible and if so how can it be done.

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Get Away From the Hackneyed Scripts & Thought Processes

Many men believe that women will be turned on and they will reach orgasm only when they are able to have male-organs that are of huge size. Secondly, almost all pornographic videos show the man indulging in sexual intercourse for at least around 20 to 25 minutes and in some cases even more. It would be totally wrong to be taken in by these rubbish. The reality lies elsewhere. We are happy to share some useful, proven and time-tested methods that could make your woman reach orgasm not once but perhaps even twice in a night or in a time-span of 15 to 18 hours.

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The Importance of Foreplay

Many men often tend to believe that the sexual positions that they are able to master has a role to play in helping their ladies to get aroused and reach arousal. Men generally get aroused even with a sexy glance from the woman. However, this is not the case as far as most women are concerned. Most women require a lot of emotional and physical stimulation and only then do they become aroused. It takes a bit more time for women to get lubricated and primed for the act. Only then will she be able to reach the much desired orgasm.

Foreplay & Sex Dolls Could Have a Connection

Foreplay is an art and is learned with time, patience and perseverance. It should never be rushed through. As a man you should understand that having sex with a woman and a sex doll could have many similarities. In fact, as a man if you are good at making use of sex dolls, it is quite likely that you also would be able to turn on your woman quite successfully. Many of the modern-day sex dolls made from high quality material are almost as good as a live woman. They are also warm to touch and the silicone breasts and other parts of the body could certainly make a big difference to the man. Mastering the use of sex dolls will certainly come as a big advantage for you as a man when you are actually in the bed with your woman.

Many men who are forced to stay alone and in solitude have no other option but to make use of sex dolls. It may have helped them to explore the finer parts of sexual foreplay. Many of the modern dolls are participative to touch, especially those special spots and areas. You could use these dolls for the purpose of improving your learning curve and then put it to use when you are actually in bed with your woman.

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For example, your experience of touching the breasts of your sex doll or even having oral sex with your doll could come in very handy in a real-life situation.

Mental Stimulation if Extremely Important

Many women feel aroused when they are mentally aroused. For them this part of sexual foreplay is as important as the physical one. Simple things like a sexy note or a call that may look flirtatious in nature could set the mood for her. She will start thinking about the upcoming event and this will certainly stimulate her and arouse her. By the time the actual event happens, you can be sure that she will be lubricated or “wet” as some would like to put it. Emotional intimacy and closeness are extremely important attributes that help a woman to get sexually aroused.

The Use Of Stimulators

Though man men may not believe in the use of stimulators when they are very much present next to the woman, man girls like the use of these artificial sex stimulants. It would therefore not be a bad idea to understand the use of these stimulators. You could perhaps give her a surprise by bringing out a stimulator from the closet and start stimulating her private parts.
This could be a big bonus and there have been instances where stimulators have been able to set her literally on fire.

Understand the Importance Of Tender Touch

Try and understand the importance of tender touch. This can set her on fire. Simple things like hugging her, holding her hand, or even touching her thigh could make a big difference as far as her levels of arousal are concerned. While the breasts are considered to be an erogenous zone for the woman, you also should not forget other ways and means of tender touch. These could include the insides of her thighs, the G-spot and of course the clitoris.

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Not all men could have the right experience and expertise when it comes to a real-life situation and therefore using sex dolls and other sex toys is highly recommended as a fantastic learning tool.

Hence at the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that sexual stimulation, foreplay, the experiences learned from the use of sex dolls and vibrators could all come in very handy when you are with your woman.

Women take time to get aroused and excited and you should allow them the time for this.


We hope that we have been able to give some new insight into sexual stimulation of women. While the conventional ways are important, the role of sex dolls, vibrators and other such items should always be kept in mind.

They are good tools and they could help the man to learn to identify and titillate the spots that could lead to the woman getting an orgasm even without sexual intercourse.

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