Top 5 Fat And Curvy Pleasure Dolls

fat and curvy sex doll

Which type of sex dolls do people love most? Are they the slender ones, the flat-chested, the curvy, or what exactly are people looking for? From where we sit, as sex doll suppliers, we have our statistics though to explain this; however, do not quote us on this that fat and curvy sex dolls are the best. All humans have their particular references, and when clients make their selections, we never question.

We respect our clients’ every choice unless it is not suitable we always advise but only when asked. Like humans, sex dolls also exist in numerous body designs, including the fat and curvy types. Further, some sub-models bear the same feature characteristics but different complexion, height, racial affiliation, and a lot more. However, let’s not confuse; our focus is on the general models; fat and curvy.

The listing below comprises our top selection based on the various factors we consider best for any sex doll. Therefore, we have considered top dolls in this category that selling at fair rates and feature high performance for the kind of features they own. Without further ado, let’s find out what these dolls are.

Stepan 163cm H Cup BBW Sex Doll

Does BBW drive our nethers crazy? Now we found your exact taste. Our phoen is fat and curvy sex dolls with a key asset to fast thrust one into orgasm. She is an anime-type, considering her yellow sexy eyes inhabited in her pretty sexy face. For those who like blonde, she is an ideal alternative to others in her selection group.

Phoen features big soft boobs, which are excellent for scissoring, touching, and suckling altogether. Her butt is a mountain, a highly attractive asset that wobbles on a little touch or shakes. Like the lifesize and lifelike doll she is, Phoen offers a complete sex package; anal, vaginal, and anal sex. Her flexible joints and strong holding skeleton make her a good sex machine, which gives it all. She is perfect for all sex styles and positions we might want to engage her in.

Tammy 163cm H Cup Big Boobs Sex Dolls

Tammy, maybe yes or not, some of us have met her in many showrooms. She is a typical kind yet of great functionality that many sex dolls. Tammy is an ideal model for those interested in fat and curvy sex doll. She is a lifelike design that features smooth and sexy TPE skin, a curvy shape, and a face with a hint of a smile.

With a weight of 50.5Kgs, Tammy is quite manageable for those built-up enough and would want a sex partner who is yummy from head to toe. The giant sex doll conspicuously features big breasts, which are quite comforting. Her butts are everything any man would want, a hip of it. Engage her in a severe doggy style to feel how wobbling soft they feel.

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Sylvia 163cm H Cup Real Love Doll

Before explaining who Sylvia is, let us keep in mind that she is among the cheapest fat and curvy sex dolls. Sylvia has nothin to hide between her legs; that how much sexy crazy she is. Her postures and dressings expose her fatty, sexy body. She is another chubby model with the curves most of us are looking for.

Sylvia is an African-American sex doll design that features dark hair and fair skin. Her eyes are dark and nipples pink. For her chubby body, Sylvia weighs 50.5Kgs, which adamantly contributes to her excellent stability at any fixed sex position.

Besides being a super sexual performer, Sylvia is also a great companion. She always wants to sit beside her masters when they watch movies, having dinner, or walking around the yard.

Teagan 160cm G Cup Big Boobs Sex Dolls

When fat, she’s even sexier. Leilani is a typical fat and curvy sex doll example we consider in this selection. She is a worth-to-have doll considering its absolute sexual assets revealing how sexually she is capable.

Leilani is a realistic sex doll kind featuring a height of 160cm and a weight of 36kg. Her plays cover all sexual games, including vaginal sex, anal, and blowjobs. She is ever ready to offer it on a silver platter for those who may want something more.  

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Leilani likes being simple and sexy. Her dressing is mainly bikinis composing of bra and underwear of matching colors. The best dress that fits her is those that reveal her sexy curves. Buy her stretcher jeans; she will look hotter than any sex partner that comes along.

Valentina 159cm Big Booty Sex Doll

Big booties are always a fantasy spree for most guys. The curviest ones are noticeable from afar even in less tightening clothing. Valentina is a big ass sex doll who happens to fall also in fat and curvy sex dolls. She is a reputable sex gamer who understands the core values of being a pro fucker.

With realistic height, body size, and orifice design, Valentina is a decent choice most men would want to have beside them each night. The TPE sex doll features sexy, tender skin that is all glowing and outstanding.

For those who may want Valentina, but with different touches, there are always custom options. Many sex doll suppliers will accommodate complexion change, nipples, wigs, eyes, and even vagina types.

Last Thoughts

Here is a premium chance for those who have never experienced the fun in fat curvy sex dolls. Each of the five sex dolls discussed here is an excellent selection to go-by. Still, we can narrow down to selecting other evaluation factors beyond the overall classification of fat and curvy.

In such a selection, therefore, the best choices should agree to the specification of our wants. Fantasy fulfillment is always greater in all diversions when offered in the right accord. Sex dolls have the ultimate capacity to provide enough sex. We should always practice the best styles and positions that best apply to the sex doll versions we chose.

Meanwhile, we can also check other chubby and curvy sex dolls with more outstanding quality if the above does not meet our expectations.

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