Do You Masturbate? Why Or Why Not

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There are a lot of controversies and hushed up talks around this topic and is often a controversial point of discussion. Masturbation – an act of self-stimulation that everyone does in the privacy of their rooms but no one likes to be vocal about it. It is an assumption that almost everyone masturbates or has masturbated at least once in their lives. But there can be many reasons for many to not touch their member.

So, the question still remains – Do you masturbate? If you do, Why? If you don’t, why not? Let us find out the answers to these questions in detail.

To begin with, let us know a little more about the act itself – the act of Masturbation.

Masturbate – The Definition

Masturbation is a term that is used to describe the act of exploring your body and pleasuring yourself. This act is a natural and safe way of self-pleasure and releases all the sexual tension that you have been building up for days. This is an act that is not alien to any person. Persons or all genders, races, and backgrounds discover this in some of the other phases of their lives.

There are many myths and preconceived notions and myths around masturbation. That is perhaps why some people do not even try this out sometimes out of fear, and at other times out of some other notions and ideas that they have instilled in them due to their family culture, religious or family backgrounds.

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Myths of Masturbation Busted

So, here’s the myth buster around masturbation. Some common myths busted one by one.

Myth: Masturbate Is Not Safe And Can Cause STDs.

Fact: Masturbation is a safe way of letting your sexual pressures out without the need of any partner. In fact, you can do it in the presence of a partner too. This is in fact the best thing about masturbation. You can do it when you need to and when your body demands. Since it does not essentially involve coming in contact with another person directly, the chances of contracting any disease are also minimal provided your hands or the toy or sex doll you are using is clean and safe.

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Myth: Masturbate Is Harmful To The Body

Fact: For ages, there has been a myth that it is harmful to the body. However, contrary to all popular beliefs and notions, masturbation poses no harm to the body. It, in fact, has a lot of health benefits which include improvement of physical and mental health and acts as a stress booster. It is also said to help you in boosting your sexual health and performance in the bed.

Myth: Masturbation Is A Taboo And Not Meant For Someone Sane And Civilized.

Fact: Masturbation is absolutely normal. For many years this has been considered as a taboo due to ignorance that has been prevalent around the same. The ancient cultures and religious beliefs have made people believe that the act of touching yourself for self-pleasure is not a part of things that are considered legal in society.

Myth: Masturbation Results In A Sperm Count Decline In Males.

Fact: This is a factually incorrect thing that we often get to hear from many. In the last few decades, this has been one of the excuses used by sex specialists to market themselves and stay in business. However, masturbation has nothing to do with sperm counts. The body synthesizes the sperms daily and ejaculating a few millimeters of it does not deplete your reservoir in any way.

Myth: Masturbation During Adolescence Results In Small Penis Size In Males.

Fact:  This is not only a myth but a rubbish claim spread around by the medical world in the yesteryears to earn some quick bucks. However, masturbation at any age does not impact the size of your member. The size depends on other factors like your ethnicity, body structure, health status among other things and masturbation does not reduce your penis even by an inch.

Benefits Of Masturbation

As we mentioned earlier masturbation is a healthy activity that has numerous physical and mental health benefits. Let us list these benefits for you to have a look:

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·Relieves sexual stress built up over time

·Improves sleep

·Boosts your spirits and moods

·Helps you relax

·Source of pleasure

·Helps in relieving menstrual cramps in women

·Helps you in releasing sexual tension

·Does not always need a partner

Apart from that masturbation is a good way to stay away from compelling desires and urges that can make you desperate and can prevent you from having sex with multiple partners thereby preventing any sexually transmitted diseases. Staying content also ensures that

Now The Act – How Do You Do It

Masturbating does not need any special education or skills. You can simply use your hands to stimulate yourself the way you want as long as you derive the pleasure out of the much-needed orgasm. You can do it with your partner as well to explore some wild possibilities. If you are still single and do not have a partner yet or are away from your partner you can masturbate using your hands.

As people are embracing the idea of self-stimulation and self-exploration more and more, nowadays you get many sex toys and sex dolls that can help you achieve orgasm just like real sex. Whether you are a backpacker or someone who is always traveling, these sex toys and sex dolls can help you a great deal in relieving all your stress and say relaxed while on the go. Even if you are not someone who travels to much these sex dolls can still be your ultimate source of pleasure in your moments of solitude.

The Bottom Line – Don’t Be Shy To Do It

With all that, we discussed masturbation and after learning that masturbation is actually good for health there is no reason to be shy to admit that you masturbate. If you do masturbate good for you – you already are enjoying and reaping the fruits of it. And if you have never tried – you do not know what you are missing. There is no harm in trying. Try it – use your hands or an exotic sex doll and you would surely be pleasantly surprised.

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