Why People Want A Custom Sex Doll

Custom Sex Dolls 1 - Why People Want A Custom Sex Doll

What if you could create your sex partner? How would they be, blue-eyed maybe, dark-skinned, pink nipples? The world has quite a plenty of beautiful/ cute women and men; however, no one is ‘perfect’ like they say.  At least there are those little things we do not like about our partner’s overall physical appearance, but how possible can you change them?

Sex dolls, for quite some time now, have been a better alternative to many sexual partners. More interestingly, is that unlike humans, they allow feature customization, which makes them even more convenient. Through this opportunity, you can build your dream sex partner to have the best sexual features you most prefer.

As illustrated by this article, the process of sex doll customization is easy and straight forward – no professionalism needed. Many reliable sex doll suppliers offer this opportunity for various doll types. What matters most in this is knowing how to do it and realizing your exact sexual preferences.

Why People Want A Custom Sex Doll

There are lots of ready-to-use sex dolls in the market today. More strongly, some are high-end types developed under recent most technologies for a more excellent performance. But why should one still go for the custom models?

If you are thinking of this, then below are some of the critical factors they most likely consider.

Need To Have A Dream Sex Doll

Sex doll customization offers you an opportunity to design a better doll, one that matches your exact sexual preferences.

Several options you will have in customizing your dolls will cover eyer color, hair color and style, nipples, orifices, and feet types. Some people chose this option to create their celebrity sex dolls, those that resemble their most loved superstars.

The Satisfaction Of Sexual Fantasies

Among the custom dolls, some come with either interchangeable or replaceable genital parts. If you are gay or lesbian, you can always choose this option to find a doll that will satisfy your sexual fantasies.

With only simple replacements, you can change your male sex doll into female and vice versa. However, you must notice that the rest of the body form remains the same.

Highly Convenient For Upgrade

Most of the standard, ready for use sex dolls do not allow further customization. Choosing a custom doll, therefore, is quite convenient for a new advancement features you wish to install on your doll.

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How To Create Your Custom Doll: Key Customizable Features

The creation of your dream sex doll may not be as complicated as you may think – it more so depends on the options you have selected on it. The only two methods involved in this are the full and or half customization.

Most sex dolls suppliers have made all these options accessibly easy for you. The following details explain details on how these two work.

Full Custom Dream Doll

Full customization in sex dolls means creating an entirely new doll but basing all the features to the client’s preference. Many sex doll suppliers and manufacturers are accepting these orders. However, what they will need from you are more specific details relating to the kind of sex doll you want.

Often, they will need photos of the person you want your doll to resemble, their body data, plus other related info. Through this data, the factory will design the exact sex doll type you want with your specified features.

If you want a pornstar resembling a sex doll, then, it is even much stress-free. Get their nude photo; at least that would help in designing the orifices more precisely.

Half Custom Dream Doll

Half customization is another way to create your custom sex doll. The process involves choosing different but already present sex doll parts/sections and joining them to form a full doll. For every selection, you make, however, your focus will be on color and design preferences. For instance, you may choose a blue eye to replace green, a pink nipple to replace brown, and so on.

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Other half customization options also include feet type (standing or plain), skin and hair color, vagina type (fixed or removable), and pubic hair.

For either full or half customizations, many reliable sex doll suppliers have their defined procedures. You must know how any of these works before placing your order.  

Full Custom VS Half Custom

Both full and half sex doll customizations come with their pro and con aspects. Often, full sex doll customization for its more realistic results tends to be of more priority, but is it what you want? You must understand that the process demands both time and a considerably huge amount of money. Otherwise, it is one convenient method through which you can get the best custom sex doll you want.

Half customization is a good option for low budgets and those who need ready-made sex dolls. It never takes long to assemble the features characteristics you want for your doll. Most supplier websites will give you the options available while placing your order. The only disadvantage with it is that you may not create the exact doll you wanted in terms of resemblance more especially.

Two More Things Need To Know

Among the key features, you may want to customize on your doll, these two always counts.

  • Vagina Type; Fixed Or Removable
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Sex doll customization allows for vagina type selection. Here, we only have two options, fixed and removable. For more convenient cleaning, always the removable type is the best. Otherwise, their structures are no different from the fixed types – they still offer similar pleasures.

  • Regular Feet Or Standing Feet

In the simplest explanation, standing feet can stand while regular cannot. These two are among the customization options you may want to choose for your sex doll.

Standing feet comes with quite a lot of advantages which includes the following;

  1. They are suitable for photography – you can take photos of the doll while they stand on their own.
  2. It allows up-wards storing position for your doll
  3. You can effectively clean a standing doll
  4. Best for enacting some sex positions

Where Can I Get The Best Custom Dolls

The best place to get your quality custom sex doll is from a reliable sex doll supplier. 69realdoll, we are one of the world’s best sex doll suppliers dealing in many model varieties. Our collection composes of various sex doll types defined by specific features and model structure.

We offer fast delivery, not more than 15 business day to any part of the world. We allow both full and half sex doll customization to allow you to create your dream doll. Our terms on this are quite flexible for anyone ordering.

How Much Does A Custom Sex Doll Cost

The cost of a custom sex doll greatly varies more so with the supplier and the customization option you chose, full or half. While all of these options remains costly, full customization is the most expensive. However, you can always shop around for the less expensive model for customization.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, more facts you need to know about sex doll customization include the following.

  • You will have to wait longer for your customized sex doll than you would for a ready one. Full customization, more specifically, would even take longer; however, that so much depends on your supplier. The most reliable ones will deliver it only within 15 business days.
  • Sex doll customization may not be 100% accurate, more so for the half type. Before taking off those photos you see on various sex doll shops, sellers make lots of preparation for their sex dolls. One of these is make-up applications. Humans do this as well, apply make-up, dress well, and find the best camera and venue to take the photo.

The same happens with sex doll advertisements on various sites. Hence despite all the customizations you incorporate, they will never meet your expectations to the 100% limit.

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