What Everybody Ought to Know About Big Booty Sex Dolls

Big Booty Sex Dolls

Big booty sex dolls, other market terms refer to it as a huge or big ass dolls. They are one defined model you will never miss in any comprehensive sex doll collection. Like a real human, sex dolls come in varied shapes and designs appealing to various people as well. We all have specific sexual preferences, remember? Yes.

Playing sex with a partner, you love their outwards sexual appearance, is an experience we all want. Big booty doll represents the real big ass women we admire, some which seem far to pursue in reality. However, that is not an issue, how to make it count playing sex with a big booty sex doll is.

Big Booty Sex Dolls give you an opportunity and a platform to explore your canal games you would wish on a big ass lady. This article shares with you some of the quality tips and nitty-gritty on how to make more fantastic sex play with your doll.

Big Booty Sex Doll - What Everybody Ought to Know About Big Booty Sex Dolls

What Is A Big Booty Sex Doll

Maybe before, we indulge in the tips, let us first rick-up on what is a big booty sex doll or a big ass for that matter. Fortunately, right from its naming, the meaning is all there. A big booty sex doll defines that sex doll model featuring relatively huge size ass. They are universal and much available if you could want one. Whatever matter most is other features, they contain both appearance and functionality.

There exist several sub-categories within the big ass sex dolls selection to match various sexual preferences one may have. It is, however, quite unfortunate how many buyers get distracted with pretty and cute appearances, thus forgetting all about quality. Always, the best sex doll is that bearing high-quality material, design, and performance.

For a better understanding of what a big sex doll is, below is a key feature description with details you seek.

Big Booty: Key Features

Sexual capabilities: This will depend on the exact big booty sex doll you chose. The design is different; there are the torsos and full-size dolls, while some torsos offer all sex types, vaginal, anal, and oral sex like the full-size dolls; others only offer two. Mainly vaginal and oral.

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Quality Material: The deal materials for sex doll manufacturing are mainly two, silicone, and medical-grade TPE. The difference between these two is rather slight and considers mainly quality. Silicone tends to be of higher quality; hence, it lasts longer.

Solid Internal body structure: Beneath the big booty skin, there is a metal framework mainly steel forming the joints and the entire skeleton.

Big ass size: A typical lifelike big booty sex doll will have a relatively large ass size. Their particular dimensions will vary based on the model type. Below is an ideal example of a big booty sex doll’s measurements for a better picture.

  • Height: 170 cm | 5ft 6inch
  • Under Bust: 57 cm | 22.44 inch
  • Full Bust: 89 cm | 35.03 inch
  • Hips: 97 cm | 38.18 inch
  • Waist: 54 cm | 21.25 inch
  • Foot Length:22 cm | 8.66 inch
  • Weight: 41 kg | 90.38 lbs.
  • Shoulder Breadth:35 cm | 13.77 inch
  • Oral Depth:12 cm | 4.7 inch
  • Vagina Depth:18 cm | 7.08 inch
  • Anus Depth:15 cm | 5.9 inch

Identifying a big booty sex doll should, therefore, not take you long, considering you know these key features about them. However, still, it is much better if you as well consider appearance. Do you want the blonde type, ebony, blue eyes, flat-chested, or any other?

How Can You Make Beautiful Sex With A Big Booty Sex Doll: Tips You Need To Learn

Big sexy ass will attract lots of sex agile persons who prefer such designs; however, the major task remains, how to make the best out of it. The best way to enjoy sex with your sex doll or even partner is when you understand the essential tips needed.

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Below are vital guidelines on how to make merry your sexual engagement with a big ass sex doll partner.

Play With Her Big Ass

You always want to make it all different, appealing, and more enjoyable. One way to go about this is by applying sex oil on her big ass, then smear it around down to her anus and vagina. Most realistic sex dolls do have a soft and smooth ass as of humans and are ever quite enjoyable to touch and caress. However, the main pleasure with this is that it sets you in the mood for a more enjoyable sex play.

Spanking Her Ass

One of the most enjoyable sex play acts is ass spanking. While it sets the lady in the mood, it also adds more agility to you as the man towards a more intensive sex play. Others will as well go ahead and kiss the big butts only to heighten their overall carnal pleasures.

Go For Doggy Style

If it is the huge ass that pleases you more, then selecting the best sex style to view them always could be very impactful. Doggy style is one ideal sex position used by many couples. The interest of it is that it provides deeper penetration and allows the man to view the ladies’ huge butts more conveniently. That alone adds more to sexual fulfillment both couples get from the play.

The Unique Feeling You Always Get From Sex With Big Ass Sex Dolls

Sexual experience with a big booty sex doll is another of its defined level. If you are a big ass fanatic, then you know this much better. Bouncing on a big butt gives the most fulfilling pleasures driving lots of men crazy. Interestingly, ladies have realized it too, look at how many of them nowadays go for hips and butts enlargement, several indeed.

Buying A Big Booty Sex Doll

There are plenty of big booty sex dolls you can find around. Same way, there are lots of reliable suppliers with ultimate products designed to fulfill their purposes.

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A full package of these dolls comes with a set of clothes, wigs, and the doll itself. Each of these differs in prices depending on specific models. You can always buy any from your nearest dealer or equally order online. For the online case, how long your product takes to arrive will depend on your location as well as the shipping methods.

The most common shipping agents used are UPS, FedEx, and DHL Service. They are often fast for any domestic and international shipping – delivery between 5~12 business days. The order processing period, in this case, takes at most five days from the first day.

Last Thoughts

Conclusively, the choice on a big booty sex doll is a no mistake for those who mind otherwise models. It is even more convenient now that manufacturers try to design varied models to suit different sexual passions. While making your selection, it is crucial to note only those dolls of high quality, but at prices, you can manage.

Lately, the realistic models are on-trend, and they are coming with a lot more added features. Amongst these are the AI, temperature, and sound technology combined with other robotic traits. The sooner models to come might be more advanced owing to the continual technological advancements.

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