Here Come New Ideas For Affordable Sex Dolls

Affordable Sex Dolls

Sex dolls’ price rating remains subject to plenty of different facts, all surrounding their production and supply. The overall view, however, of these essential masturbation aids is that they are expensive, which is again correct. Consider even the so-referred to an as cheap or affordable sex doll, how much do they cost, not less than $100 at least for better dolls. Below that, you only have something to represent quality sex dolls.

Note: Sex dolls selling below $100 are not useless. They play a significant role in satisfying the sexual pleasures of many buyers.

Affordable sex dolls exist in plenty in our current marketers. Their definition, however, varies from structural design, material type, and sexual capabilities. With narrower specifications therefore, you will find the most realistic models which are of big ass, anime design, youthful appearance, blonde, and so on.  

The length of discussion on affordable sex dolls could be lengthy; however, this article intends to simplify it for you. It is a quick, merely a quick yet detailed guide into finding your most suiting affordable sex doll.

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Why Buy An Affordable Sex Doll

An affordable sex doll is that following your budget is relatively convenient for your purchase. With these severe economic types, people are significantly considering them instead for several genuine reasons as the ones listed below.

  • Need To Saves Money

At least for averagely financed people, the economy sometimes does not give enough in terms of finances. While it could be their wish to go for the most expensive sex dolls, their budget always does not allow.

Spending only a convenient amount on sex dolls helps them save quite a lot. It is, however, even more, fortunate that there are several models within the affordable sex dolls category.

  • Convenient Storage/ Transportation

Many of the cheap/ affordable sex dolls are the torsos and mini dolls. These two collections compose of less weighty sex dolls with small height dimensions. Such dolls, therefore, are highly convenient for storage and transportation. You can easily fit them in a minor package and comfortably ferry them.

  • Earn Experience On How Sex With A Sex Doll Feels
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Before you upgrade into high-end sex doll models, it is sometimes essential to begin from the low end. Cheap/ affordable sex dolls could offer you a suitable platform to test out the sexual engagement with sex dolls. It is with these dolls also that you can realise which exact model well satisfies your sexual desires.

More reasons here are personal based. Some people, for instance, would want an affordable sex doll to supplement the rest of the expensive sex dolls they have. They may have the ultra-realistic lifesize silicone dolls but then want a torso doll as well for a more sexual explosion.

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Factors Affecting Sex Doll Prices

As hinted in the introduction, sex doll prices vary depending on lots of associating elements. Below are the major ones showing more significant influence.

  • Production Cost

All manufactured products come with production costs, and so are sex dolls. Their materials, TPE or Silicone, metal, wigs, and so on before they reach the factory, there is some spending on their suppliers. The artists and engineers involved the marketers; all these people need a share into the doll’s prices.

All the expenses summed results in the production cost, which could either the high or low. High production cost influences high prices and vice versa.

  • Shipping

For online orders, shipping cost contributes a lot to how much in total the doll costs. However, this is also dependant on your location from the physical location of the shop or warehouse. The further you are, the more the shipping fee and so the doll’s price.

  • Customization Type

How much you modify your sex doll determines so much their market prices. Customization has two options, the full and the half. Full sex doll customization takes time and involves the creation of new and personalized designs – this attracts a hefty price.  

Half customized dolls may be cheap, however, not less expensive than standard sex dolls available on displays.

  • Material Type

TPE and Silicone are the two most ideal sex doll materials. Silicone is always more expensive out of its greater quality. Hence, Dolls manufactured from it are also more costly than the TPE ones.

  • Demand
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Demand is also another critical contributing factor in this listing. It is more of the law of sales, that whenever it goes, prices go up as well. The partner is not only with sex dolls but many other items in the market, including services.

The Most Affordable Sex Dolls For Sale

If you are looking for some of the highly affordable sex dolls in the market, here is your best list to choose from. Go through the following descriptions to find your most suitable model type.

  • Tiny/Small Sex Dolls Under 500

Little sex dolls are only small in size but are quality sexual gamers. Like the lifelike size dolls, they offer all sex types; oral, vaginal, and anal. Their most significant user advantage is great portability for convenience in sexual handling. Also, you can quickly store and transport them

  • Torsos

These half sex dolls are other best options for quality yet affordable dolls. They are capable of many sexual games you may want. Like small dolls, portability is also their significant advantage.

  • Cheap TPE Sex Dolls

If torso and small sex dolls cannot meet your sexual wants, the next option you have is a cheap TPE Sex Doll. Despite their relatively low performance than the high-end models, still, they serve a quality purpose towards sexual fulfilments among users.

How Affordable Is A Realistic Robot AI Sex Doll

Realistic AI Robot sex dolls are among the top trending and most expensive models you can find. Their affordability purely depends on the exact model you choose and the supplier. Though their price is generally high, still you can find the lowest prices among them.

How To Find The Most Affordable Sex On 69realdoll

69realdoll is one most reliable online shop from which you can get your dream doll. Searching for any model is a more straightforward option if you have an idea of your exact sexual preferences. One way you can search for the most affordable sex dolls here is by utilizing the filter and product types.

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Here is a quick procedure on how to find your most affordable sex doll on 69readoll

  1. Search or select the product type you want, for instance, a big booty sex doll.
  2. Chose on the filter options and sort by prices
  3. Select the product you want for more details then add it to the cart
  4. Proceed with the checkout procedures to place your order.

After completing the procedure, you will receive a confirmation email of your order then wait for the delivery date.


The most complementing sex dolls are those that offer you the sexual satisfaction, and convenience you need. Sometimes, you do not have to spend a lot to achieve that even the cheap models can help. Thus, it is equally essential to make a quality search on the sex doll type you chose. It may be surprising that it is the cheapest one that suits you even the most.

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