Best 100cm Sex Doll For Sale

Best 100cm Sex doll

Are you looking for a sexy little doll? Well, here you are on the right resource page. We will take you through the nitty-gritty you need to know precisely about the top-end model category, the 100cm Sex Doll.

Right from their exorbitantly erotic design, these fantastic love doll offers all you need to get your sex spirits high. Female models, come with the sexy curves you need, pretty face, and the smooth skin you cannot resist its feel. Men dolls, on the other hand, TPE or silicone, features those sexy muscles and a general body built up. How marvelous!

The 100cm/ 3ft 3inch sex doll for sale falls in the broad category of mini sex dolls, also referred to as small or tiny dolls. Their most significant differencing factor from lifesize sex dolls is the height. They tend to be a little shorter and again lighter. Otherwise, they retain significant similarities in accessories and attractive sexual features.

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Type Of 100cm Sex Dolls

With the above information on the 100cm sex doll, let us now look at the various model types available in this category.

100cm Silicone Sex Doll

One hot-cake selection within the 100cm sex dolls is the 100cm silicone sex doll. Because of the silicone material, these dolls remain of high-quality design. They resist stains, are easy to clean, soft, and smooth on touch and are generally long-lasting.

Away from a quality, the 100cm silicone sex dolls consist of other particular sex dolls classified based on body curves and appearance—for instance, the 100cm anime love doll types, Japanese, blonde, big ass, muscular. More interestingly, at 69realdoll you will have customization options on any of these dolls’ category you pick. Thus, you will have a variety of options to choose based on the hair type, eye and nipple color, nail type, and so on.

100cm Flat Chest Sex Doll

Among the many options of 100cm sex dolls, the 100cm flat chest sex doll is one selection you may be interested in. It is an ideal model for those who like tiny breasts almost flattening on their chest. The 69realdoll collection on 100cm flat chest sex dolls is all flattering. We have the most recent realistic flat chest sex dolls with an unresistible sexy look and appearance.

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Both silicone and TPE dolls in this category further split into various sub-categories yielding more advanced options. These new selections vary as well based on race, doll’s body curves, and overall appearance. So next time you are looking for your 100cm flat chest Japanese sex doll with blue eyes or any other, check it out with 69realdoll collection. We never miss your taste.

Why Buy A 100cm Sex Doll

There could be many valid reasons supporting the purchase from the 100cm sex doll category. However, here we will only focus on those with more priority. Below are details of some of these most compelling reasons.


Generally, mini sex dolls do weigh relatively less and are short in height. In this case, the 100cm sex doll is not too tall for easier manipulation. Also in supports of this, their weight is significantly less, about 25kgs. Meaning, they are very convenient in terms of repositioning, and even storage. Those who may want to travel with them will find it all easy. You can quickly pack them for transportation during your trips and tours.

Affordable Rates

Like many small sex dolls, the 100cm model comes at quite affordable low prices. A lifelike silicone sex doll will most likely cost over 2000 dollars depending on its features. However, a mini silicone sex doll will sell at prices ranging between $800 and $900. This price deviation does not indicate low quality in the mini type dolls; instead, it is all about the height.

A 3ft 3inch sex doll will equally come with essential sexual accessories and quality sexy design like in the case of a lifelike doll.

Sexual Fantasy Fulfilment

Sexual fantasies can be quite compelling. While others think of life-size sex dolls, others only imagine of the mini sex dolls. This imagination creates great interest which finally pushes them into buying the small sex dolls.

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69real doll has all the 100cm sex dolls you need for your fantasies. Try check in with us and find your most lovable mini sex doll.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A 100cm Sex Doll

Are you planning to buy your best 100cm sex doll soon? If yes, then there are a few details you need to know or learn about any of of these dolls. This information will help you make a better choice in any of your selections.

Are 100cm Sex Dolls Worth It

While purchasing your 100cm sex doll, it is important to understand why you so much need it. Is it worth your time and money? As illustrated above, mini sex dolls offer lots of advantages. They are highly portable, cheap and offers sexual satisfaction like the rest of the models. So, while making your purchase, it is key to consider how much weight these three weigh on you.

A realistic 100cm sex doll is never anything less worth your money. If your interest is in a small sex doll, then get the model with exact features that interest you. This way, you will have the heart-fulfillment of its worth.

Is It Illegal To Own A 100cm Sex Doll

Also, while buying a sex doll, it is important to know if they are allowed in your area location. Some countries do not allow sex doll and toy usage. Surprisingly, there are lots of countries that do not allow sex dols usage nor importation. Breaking the law can get you in serious trouble, but 100cm love doll is highly portable. If there is a way you can smuggle it in and hide it from every onlook authority, you will be safe. However, you should be ready to bear consequences when found.

Sexual Preferences

Do the sex doll you are buying to meet all your sexual feature preferences? If they do, you can go ahead and buy them. These preferences may concern race, body curve, eye and hair color, breast size, and so on. Choosing one with the best features you like keeps you at liberty to ultimate enjoyment.

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Sex With 100cm Sex Doll

A 100cm sex doll offers the same sexual performance as the life-size dolls. A full-size type comes with all erotic accessories for anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Each of these orifices are quite accommodating for any uses. The most advanced models in this category come with improved technologies for sound temperature and artificial intelligence in some.

Despite the choice you pick, TPE or silicone, all 100cm sex dolls are highly portable. The convenience of this feature comes in when you want to shift your doll into varied sex positions – they will be much easier to handle.

Some of the 100cm sex dolls come with replaceable or interchangeable genitals. Hence, it is possible to have as much fun with them playing with different genital structures on the same body.

Sex with mini sex dolls is generally fun; you should try it for an experience. Look out for your perfect model at 69realdoll and experience what we say here.

100cm Sex Doll For Sale


With all this valuable information on the 100cm sex doll, you can decide whether you need it or otherwise. The most likable feature here is that you will only have to spend less but get the high-quality doll you desire most. Our collection at 69realdoll composes of only top models best selling in the current market.

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